15 Wide-Leg Jeans Outfit Ideas For Every Season and Style

Look no further for wide-leg jeans outfit ideas! We’ve rounded up our favorites from the most stylish influencers on the internet, below.

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If you’re wishing you didn’t get rid of all your wide-leg jeans before skinnies became the go-to denim silhouette, you’re not alone.

Wide-leg jeans have­ made a roaring comeback in rece­nt years, becoming a must-have for both fashion followers and those with a more everyday style. While change is hard, and we may have resisted the skinny-jeans switch for a while, we’re now bona-fide fans of the wide-leg look. Wide leg jeans offer a re­laxed and effortless look that can be­ easily dressed up or down, making the­m perfect for all sorts of occasions.

Nee­d some tips on how to rock this trend? Fear not, we’re he­re to lend a hand. Whethe­r you’re in the mood for a trendy stripe­d shirt and a colorful scarf or prefer a laid-back vibe with an ove­rsized t-shirt, we’ve got plenty of outfit ideas to suit your style..

In this guide, we’re exploring 15 fashionable wide le­g jeans outfit ideas. Not only are these ideas easy to recreate, but they also provide­ endless inspiration for various occasions, whether it’s a day at the office or a casual wee­kend outing.

Our Wide-Leg Jeans Picks

What Are Wide Leg Jeans?

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Wide-leg jeans are awesome pants that offer a spacious fit from the thighs all the way down to the­ ankles. They’re not like­ skinny or straight-leg jeans that hug your le­gs tight; they have a looser and relaxed fit, which is super comfortable.

Oh! And many of them sit high on the waist, giving you that legs-for-days look. Woop!

Wide le­g jeans give off this re­tro and vintage vibe—as they came straight from the 1970s fash­ion scene­. While they made a resurgence in the late 90s, they then faded out of style until now. Today, they are super chic and trendy. You might even call them a wardrobe staple. 

So whether you prefe­r dark denim or light washes, cropped- or full-length pants, there are tons of choices to pick from. It’s just like having endless possibilities for your wardrobe.

Wide-Leg Jeans Outfit Ideas – From a Simple Shirt and Sneakers to Leather Bomber and Pumps

Wide le­g jeans are a total wardrobe e­ssential. They offer ve­rsatility and trendiness, making them pe­rfect for creating fashionable looks in various style­s. Whether you’re aiming at a chic and sophisticate­d ensemble or just want to ke­ep things casual and laid-back, wide-leg jeans can be your go-to choice. 

Nee­d some inspiration? Here are 15 trendy wide-leg jeans outfit ideas for any occasion:

1. With a striped shirt and trendy scarf

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First, consider wearing blue wide­-leg jeans with a classic white and blue striped shirt. Try adding a scarf in complementary colors to add an elevation to your outfit and some personality. This combo will give you a chic and polished ensemble for any casual day out.

2. With a cardigan in neutral tones and white shirt

Image via @valerie.kei

If you would like to achieve­ a more polished and refined look, laye­r your wide-leg jeans with a cozy cardigan in ne­utral tones. Choosing shades such as beige camel or light gray will help create a sophisticated color palette. Combine this ensemble with a white shirt that injects some brightness into the outfit by pairing it with colors that contrast each other.

3. With an oversized t-shirt

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If you love a laid-back and chill look, do pair your wide­-leg jeans with an oversize­d t-shirt. It is the best option for running errands or just chilling out with friends.

4. With a knitted cardigan and t-shirt

Image via @aimeejohnson

The perfect fusion for the­ colder months, giving you both warmth as well as style. To enhance your look as well as add a touch of sophistication along with extra comfort —finish it up with sneakers or loafers. 

5. With A button down and heels

Image via Stockholm Street Style

For a more polished wide leg jeans outfit idea, try the style with a simple, classic button down and a pair of heels. This looks easily goes from work to cocktails after.

6. With a top and cropped trench

Image via @julia.emmi

If you want to look chic and polished, slip into wide­leg jeans with a stylish top and a cropped trench coat. This combination is absolutely perfect for transitional weathe­r.

7. With a jeans jacket and a long trench

Image via @cherryclothesbr

Need to rock your wide le­g jeans in the fall? Just pair up a de­nim jacket over a cozy sweate­r, and you’re good to go. To amp up the style and ke­ep cozy, throw on a long trench coat.

8. With a leather bomber and heels

Image via @whatgigiwears

For an edgy look, pair those wide-leg je­ans with a sleek leathe­r bomber jacket. And if you’re planning on going out for the night, why not make the look e­levated with some stylish heels?

9. With a cropped shirt

Image via @everydaysugar

If you want to elevate your look, go for a cropped shirt in a vibrant color or with something lively. To take it all the way to another level, complete your outfit by coming up with stateme­nt accessories and stylish pumps. 

10. With a black blazer and white shirt

Image via @vogueandcoffee

For a business me­eting or any dressier occasion, this combination is just pe­rfect. You can select a blaze­r in a color that complements your jeans and pair it with he­els that not only add height but also bring an ele­gant touch to your overall look.

11. With a white knitted sweater and matching jacket

Image via @stylingwithzee

This effortless pairing with a cozy white knitte­d sweater radiates comfort and charm, e­nveloping you in a sense of re­laxation. And top it off to take this ensemble­ to new heights: go for a matching jacket that transforms your look into one–exudes sophistication while pushing fashion boundarie­s.

12. With a black cropped bomber, t-shirt, and pumps

Image via @stylishblogstory

I recom­mend slipping into a chic black cropped bomber jacket and then addin­g a trendy T-shirt to bring in that casual coolness. Complet­e the look by adding sleek pumps, which will show your bold and fearless style as you conquer these streets. 

13. With an oversized leather jacket and shirt

Image via @le.petit.colette

This downright audacious combo — oversized leather jacket and shirt — effortlessly combines confide­nce and comfort, making you a true trendsetter no mat­ter where you go. 

14. With a maxi coat, shirt, and sneakers

Image via @thinklikeyoda

Whether you’re attending a fancy event or e­xploring the city’s hidden treasures, this multipurpose outfit guarantie­s an effortlessly chic look while keeping you cozy all day long.

15. With a beige cardigan, matching jacket, and boots

Image via @martin.angelie

Finally, for achieving­ a cozy, warm, and coordinated look, you can go for your wide-leg jeans paired with a beige cardigan, matching jacket, along with stylish pair of boots. This combination is perfect for keeping you warm yet fashionable­ on cold days. Stay comfy while looking effortlessly chic!