What to Wear to a Winery + 9 Outfit Ideas

Image via Ash & Em

Are you an oenophile and a fashionista Googling “what to wear to a winery”? Look no further because we’re here to assist.

Sipping on a glass of your favorite vino surrounded by lush vineyards is the experience that calls for style, but finding something chic and comfortable can prove to be quite a daunting experience.

Let me take some of that stress away with nine fabulous outfit ideas almost guaranteed to have you feeling ready for any wine-tasting adventure.

So grab yourself a Merlot, kick back, and let’s take it from here!

What to wear to a winery (And what not to wear)

Deciding what to wear to a winery should be a mix of function and fashion. You’ll likely be spending time outdoors, but you’ll also want to look appropriate for the setting you’re in.

Overall, most wineries have casual dress codes, so don’t feel the need to overdress (unless it’s a special occasion, or you just feel like it, of course).

Here’s a few guidelines that’ll help you narrow down your outfit ideas….

Wear comfortable shoes

This is especially important if you’re visiting a vineyard where you’re allowed to explore the grounds. It’s also a good idea to wear flats, since you’ll encounter lots of dirt and grass.

If you’ve ever tried to wear heels to a winery, you know that it’s not the most practical choice.

So, treat your feet to something special and choose comfortable footwear that will provide you with the comfort needed for an enjoyable wine-tasting experience.

Browse the Instagram location

Check out what everyone else is wearing by visiting the Instagram location tag. Looking at outfits worn by those who have already been there can give you a sense of the dress code and style vibe. It’s like having your own fashion inspiration right in front of you!

Pay attention to colors, styles, and accessories that are popular, then put together an outfit with them.

Be careful with white

White can be an ultra-chic and elegant color to rock, but when it comes to winery outings, you’ll want to exercise caution.

As many of these venues have outdoor settings, white clothing is highly susceptible – dirt, spills, or grass stains could ruin your favorite look in a flash!

If you want a similar effect, look for lighter neutrals like beige or blush; they still give off sophistication while being more resistant to staining.

Bring a small bag

When visiting a winery, it’s essential to bring along a lightweight bag that won’t weigh you down. A crossbody or shoulder style is perfect for keeping your hands free while allowing you the freedom of movement and exploration.

Ensure the bag has enough room to store all essentials like your phone, wallet, sunglasses – whatever else necessary for an enjoyable day out!

And don’t forget: functionality doesn’t have to mean compromising on stylishness. Pick one that complements your outfit and adds some elegance as well!

Winery and Vineyard Outfit Ideas

Now that you’re familiar with some basic guidelines for dressing at a winery, I’ll share you nine outfit suggestions to make sure you look your best and feel completely self-assured!

1. Maxi black dress

Image via @keepingupwithamm

A classic black maxi dress is a great option for a winery visit. You can wear it on a date, as well as for meeting friends – the minimalistic and sleek cut will fit harmoniously into the vineyard’s atmosphere. While the look feels more formal, stick to flats with this style.

2. Long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans

Image via @rachelviru

If you are looking for something warm and comfy yet stylish to wear to a more casual winery, try a long-sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck with your favorite jeans. This combination creates an effortless but timeless look, which is perfect for cooler days and winery hopping.

3. Maxi floral dress

Image via @sing_singhye

For a feminine look on your winery outing, we love the idea of an ethereal floral maxi dress. You shouldn’t be afraid to bear the possible wine spill – just cover it with your stylish layer! Top all this beauty with strappy sandals – you’ll feel like walking on air.

4. Denim dress and sneakers

This blend of flexible fabric, coupled with how sleek the sneakers are, gives you an absolutely stylish ensemble that is in step for any trip to a winery! To add even more oomph to your outfit, accessorize it with a statement belt and matching bag. And don’t forget about sunnies!

5. Maxi denim skirt, leather jacket, and loafers

Image via @alainascimone

Show off your fashion-forward side in a maxi denim skirt, leather jacket, and loafers. The longer length of the denim skit just adds a touch of boho when also worn with a sleek biker jacket – ticking all the boxes stylishly!

Slip into these comfy but oh-so-stylish loafers from this eye-catching outfit for exploring every nook and cranny of those vineyards.

6. Puffer, sweater, and jeans

Image via @janesosik

Layer up your favorite knits beneath an on-trend puffer for extra insulation without compromising style. Finish off this easy-to-pull-together outfit with classic denim trousers plus UGGs – you’ll be feeling snug in no time!

7. Leather jacket, mini skirt, and cowboy boots

Image via @azzurramatassini

This look is a showstopper for any winery. A leather jacket and animal-print mini skirt, complemented by cowboy boots? It doesn’t get much better than that! This combination of edgy and feminine elements creates an eye-catching style that’s one of a kind.

8. Mini floral dress

Image via @shivanikp

For a little bit of flirty fun and femininity, choose a mini floral dress to wear as you visit the winery. A colorful print covered with bright and cheerful flowers to match the lovely scenery will surely make you look outstandingly stylish.

9. Trench coat, jeans, and boots

Image via @domi_ska

This autumn-winter season, make it chic despite the chill. Just add your favorite leather coat for that extra warmth and skinny jeans – effortless chic. And don’t forget your favourite boots! In this outfit, you are comfortable sipping wine outside and still fashionable!