What to Wear to A Hockey Game: 11 Outfit Ideas

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If you’re wondering what to wear to a hockey game, you’re in the right place. As a longtime hockey fan and current hockey mom, I’ve been to my fair share of hockey games.

Whether you’re heading to your local high school game, or an NHL hockey match, there are both practical and style considerations you’ll want to take into account.

Keep reading for 16 hockey game outfit ideas that are both cute and practical.

What to Wear to a Hockey Game

From a practical standpoint:

First and foremost, it’s important to consider the practical side of what to wear to a hockey game.

The temperature at a hockey rink can range from mild to downright cold, so you’ll want to dress appropriately.

Generally, larger hockey rinks like NHL and college-sized arenas are on the warmer side, because they’re so large and you likely won’t be sitting quite to close to the ice. These rinks average 55-65 degrees. Not freezing, but think about if your air conditioning was set to that temp: you’d probably be wearing a sweatshirt.

Smaller rinks, where high school or rec games are held, tend to feel ever colder, because you’ll likely be closer to the ice in these smaller spacer. In this case, the temps can get down to 50 or even below.

The best bet: Bring layers. Start with pants and a t-shirt, but bring a sweater/sweatshirt, or a light jacket. Even a hat if you tend to feel cold!

From a style standpoint

Style-wise, the dress code for a hockey game is very causal. It’s an athletic even in a chilly environment, so most people are going for comfort. There isn’t much of a scene at hockey games, so don’t feel like you need to dress to impress.

The one caveat to that is if you’re going to an NHL game and sitting in box seats or a lounge area, in which case you’ll want to dress a bit nicer.

Here are the details for both.

For a regular seats, you’ll see most people wearing:

  • Jeans
  • Sweaters
  • Sneakers or boots
  • Leggings
  • Sweatshirts
  • Outerwear and jackets

In box seats, the dress code isn’t necessarily formal, or even business casual (unless you’re at a work function), but just think a slightly most polished version of what you’d wear otherwise. You want to look neat and presentable.

Hockey Game Outfit Ideas

1. A jersey and a pair of jeans

The easiest look is to wear a jersey and a pair of jeans. Many spectators opt for this look, and it works for both men and women.

2. A jersey, leather leggings, and a denim jacket

Image via @CintryRae

If you want to add a stylish spin to the jersey look, take a cue from the outfit above, and style your jersey with leather leggings and an oversized denim jacket on top.

3. A Glitzy Varsity Jacket

Image via @lauriepepin_

If there’s anyone who should know what to wear to a hockey game, it’s an NHL wife. Take a page from Laurie Pépin (@lauriepepin_)! She never fails to impress with her game-day outfits, and this one is no different – especially with that Glitzy Varsity Jacket!

4. A jersey, jeans, and heels

Image via Splash News

Impressing the public seems to come naturally to Bella Hadid – and this game-day outfit is no exception. An oversized jersey, straight-leg jeans, and white heeled boots? I’m definitely taking notes for my next game-day look!

5. A jersey over a hoodie and jeans

Ok, so technically, Gigi Hadid’s jersey is a hoodie/jersey combo. But, you can copy the look by layering a jersey over a hoodie and adding jeans and sneakers for a casual look.

6. A bomber jacket and jeans

Image via @oliviaculpo

A hockey game demands the ultimate in casual-cool outfits: a bomber jacket and jeans. The jacket’s rugged appeal adds an edgy vibe, while jeans keep things comfortable and versatile. It’s a winning combination that will have you looking stylish and ready to cheer on your favourite team.

7. An oversized jersey, denim jacket, and high heeled boots

No one takes a hockey game attire from casual to chic quite like Hailey Bieber. She makes wearing an oversized jersey look so easy by topping it off with a denim jacket for extra cool points. And those high-heeled boots? They elevate the entire outfit, proving that you can bring your fashion A-game even when you’re at the arena.

8. Total denim

Image via @missjoslin

I have always found denim to be a fail-proof choice when deciding what to wear to a hockey game. A pair of well-fitted jeans paired with a stylish bomber jacket is the perfect combination for casual coolness. It’s comfortable, trendy and so effortless.

9. An oversized hoodie and bicycle shorts

I am a complete Hailey Bieber style stan, so I love this outfit. She combined an oversized sweatshirt with a pair of cute bike shorts, which would work for a hockey game in a warmer climate, but you can also swap for leggings if you’re worried about getting cold.

10. A puffer and leather leggings

Image via @v.lada_sedan

If it’s a freezing cold outside and you’re off to watch some hockey, then I have the perfect outfit in mind: a snug puffer jacket and slick leather leggings. Take my word for it, you’ll stay toasty-warm but look super-cool as you cheer on your team from the chilly stands!

11. Comfy tracksuit with pumps

Finally, if you want to serve up an unexpectedly chic outfit idea for a hockey game: the comfy tracksuit with pumps. Who better than style icon Zendaya herself to inspire us?