What to Wear Ice Skating: Practical and Style Advice for Skating, Plus Outfit Ideas

If you’re new to ice skating, or just want some practical advice on what to wear, this post is for you! Learn about the different style tips and outfit ideas.

Wondering what to wear ice skating? Whether it’s your first time skating or you’re simply trying out a new venue, there are two major points to consider when picking out an outfit: Form, and function.

Function should always come first when ice skating. Since skating rinks are usually chilly, whether indoors or out, you’ll need to dress warm enough to be comfortable. There’s also certain safety gear you’ll want to include in your OOTD, especially if you’re a newbie, or you’re dressing a child.

At the same time, ice skating is a quintessential winter activity, and it’s fun to “dress the part,” too.

Below, we’ve rounded up both practical considerations for your ice skating outfit, plus style tips that’ll help you find something to wear that check the boxes of both fashion and function.

What to Wear Ice Skating – 4 Tips for a Fun and Fashionable Look

Understand the Basics of Ice Skating Attire

First things first: comfort and mobility are key. You want clothing that allows you to move freely. Layering is your best friend in the rink. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat at bay, and add a light fleece or sweater for warmth. Consider a jacket you’re skating outdoors. This way, you can shed layers if you get too warm.

If it’s you’re first time skating, water-resistant outerwear is a good idea in case you fall, that way any melted ice doesn’t dampen your clothing.

As far as pants go, leggings or joggers are best for mobility purposes, but jeans work, too. For kids who are new to the ice, snow pants or thermal leggings that wick away moisture are a good bet to keep them dry.

Ice skating outfits are where function meets fashion. For a casual day at the rink, a pair of well-fitted leggings or thermal tights paired with a stylish, snug sweater will do the trick.

Add the right accessories

Accessories are not only stylish additions but also crucial for warmth. A pair of gloves or mittens is a must to keep your hands toasty. A beanie or earmuffs can protect your ears from the cold, and a neck gaiter or scarf can shield your neck.

Consider protective gear

Safety on the ice is non-negotiable. If you’re a beginner, consider wearing knee pads and elbow pads under your clothing. A helmet is also a wise choice, and considered a must for children.

Dress for The Environment

Your attire may vary depending on where you’re skating. Indoor rinks are typically warmer, so you might need fewer layers. Outdoor skating, especially in windy conditions, calls for extra insulation. For those engaged in ice sports like figure skating, specialized attire that allows for maximum flexibility and performance is essential.

7 Ice Skating Outfit Ideas We Love

1. Fluffy jacket, sweater, and jeans

Image via @tashoakley

I love this ice skating outfit! Imagine yourself in a fluffy white sherpa jacket – very stylish, as well as warm against the cold air. Wear it on top of a lighter-colored knitted jumper for an extra layer of warmth.

Add comfortable, light blue jeans with plenty of give for moving freely on the ice. And finish things off with some stylish sunglasses for coolness points. Now, you’re an ICE RINK STAR!

2. Soft cardigan & skirt

Image via @anicamarica_

Check out this girl! She’s totally killing it with her winter ice-skating getup that screams vintage. Just look at her: a comfy beige cardigan with dainty button accents – don’t you get an antiquey feel from it?

Tucked into a high-waisted, pleated skirt in the same color, she looks adorable and primed for some twirling action on the frozen pond.

But check those white tights with the cool design element woven into them! They’ll keep her legs warm while adding a touch of elegance to the whole look.

3. Puffer, sweater, and jeans

Image via @banjolien

Imagine this: you’re off to the ice rink for a day spent skating. The big question is, what should you wear? What follows is friendly fashion advice.

Wear some kind of puffy jacket; it’s going to be cold out there. Underneath that, try a cute sweater (or even two). Finally, throw on some well-worn denim because jeans go with everything! Now, get out there and skate in style!

4. Chic cape and skinny jeans

Image via @valeriabaroniok

Check out this ice skater who’s got some serious style! Inspired by Blair Waldorf, she’s serving up elegance on the ice in a big way. She stands out against the cityscape in her black cape with a traditional toggle closure and an inside hit of red and black checkered lining.

Underneath: all business. A sleek black turtleneck and skinny jeans are not only important for warmth but are also super stylish (bonus). And then there’s that white baker boy hat? Love it!

5. Oversized coat, turtleneck sweater & pants

Image via @karo.borowska

For the ultimate winter skating look, try an oversized coat that will keep you warm while making a style statement. Match it with a fashionable turtleneck sweater for added comfort and some grown-up polish.

The bottom half is up to you – think leggings or tailored trousers – but the top layer should be roomy enough to glide in without feeling restricted. Enjoy!

6. Shearling jacket and leather leggings

Image via @rayemocioiu

I can’t get enough of this girl’s ice-skating outfit. It’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect for a fun day at the rink. She’s wearing a fabulous dark brown shearling jacket with fur trim – it looks so cozy, not to mention luxurious.

She has matched it up perfectly with sleek black leather trousers, which give her look an urban edge. And she has topped off the ensemble with adorable white leg warmers that peek out over her skates – practical and stylish.

What a great mix of city style and winter sportiness – ideal for looking amazing while gliding effortlessly across the ice AND staying warm!

7. Your Favorite Thermal Workout Gear

Image via @its.ameliedepuis

Finally, if you value coziness above all else or happen to be an ice skater who prefers to train indoors, your warmest workout gear is the ultimate in comfort.

On top of keeping you warm and snug while gliding smoothly over ice, these comfortable pieces won’t hinder your movement, so you can show off your best skating skills (even if those skills are simply getting up off the ice after you fall).

So whether you’re practicing spins or just having an easy skate, donning this ice skating outfit will have you feeling oh-so-cozy and ready to dominate the rink!