What Happened to Tignanello Handbags?

The Tignanello website, which is no longer, in 2013. Image via Archive.org

Tignanello handbags, once a popular accessory in the fashion industry, especially in the early 2000s, have undergone several transformations over the years. Known for their quality leather and stylish designs, these handbags have been a topic of interest for fashion enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’ll explore the current status of Tignanello handbags, the availability of vintage pieces, and how to authenticate a Tignanello purse.

Are Tignanello Handbags Still Around?

Tignanello handbags made a significant mark in the fashion world with their practical yet fashionable designs, and high-quality leather construction. However, over the years, their presence in the market has seen a decline. This change can be attributed to shifts in fashion trends, increased competition, and changes in consumer preferences. The Tignanello brand was ultimately sold to a Chinese company in the early 2010s, and many customers say that the brand was never the same.

Despite this, Tignanello handbags haven’t completely disappeared from the fashion landscape.

Where to Find Them

While they may not be as prominently featured in high-end department stores as they once were, Tignanello handbags are still available for purchase. In our research, they can be found almost exclusively on Amazon. The new ones at least.

However, the Tignanello brand is no longer active — meaning they don’t have their own website or sell their items independently. This leads us to believe that the “brand” or the Tignanello name and intellectual property, may have been sold off, and there is a new company using it to market handbags. That doesn’t necessarily mean the handbags are any better or any worse, they’ll just likely be different than the original handbags produced during the Tignanello heyday in the 2000s.

If you want to be sure you’re buying an original Tignanello bag, there are also many places where you can buy secondhand Tignanello bags. Which brings us to …

Can You Buy Vintage Tignanello Handbags?

A vintage Tignanello handbag. Image via Reddit

The allure of vintage fashion items is undeniable, and Tignanello handbags are no exception. Vintage Tignanello handbags have become increasingly popular among collectors and fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the brand’s quality and timeless designs.

Where to Find Vintage Pieces

For those interested in acquiring vintage Tignanello handbags, there are several avenues to explore. Online marketplaces like The Real Real, Poshmark, eBay, Etsy, and specialized vintage fashion websites are great places to start. These platforms often feature a variety of vintage Tignanello handbags, ranging from well-preserved pieces from past collections to rare finds that are no longer in production.

Things to Consider When Buying Vintage

When purchasing a vintage Tignanello handbag, it’s essential to consider the condition of the bag, its authenticity, and the seller’s reputation. Since vintage items can show signs of wear and tear, thoroughly check the product descriptions and images. It’s also advisable to communicate with the seller for additional information or clarification.

How to Tell if a Tignanello Purse is Real

Authenticating a Tignanello purse is crucial, especially when purchasing from secondary markets. Here are some tips to help you determine the authenticity of a Tignanello handbag:

Material Quality

Tignanello is known for using high-quality leather in their handbags. The leather should feel soft and supple, not stiff or plastic-like. Examine the texture and smell of the leather; genuine leather has a distinct, natural scent and a unique texture.

Branding and Logo

Inspect the branding on the handbag. The Tignanello logo should be consistent in its font and style. Check for any misspellings or inconsistencies in the logo, as these can be telltale signs of a counterfeit.

Hardware and Stitching

Pay attention to the hardware and stitching on the purse. Tignanello handbags typically have sturdy, well-crafted hardware and neat, even stitching. Any signs of poor craftsmanship, such as uneven stitching, loose threads, or flimsy hardware, may indicate a fake.

Inner Tag and Serial Numbers

Genuine Tignanello handbags often have an inner tag with information about the bag, including a serial number. Verify this tag for authenticity, and if possible, cross-check the serial number with Tignanello’s customer service.