What Happened to Elizabeth and James?

Image via @ElizabethandJames

Elizabeth and James, the brand founded by the Olsen twins, was once a darling of the contemporary clothing scene. But if you’ve tried to find the fan-favorite Elizabeth and James perfume or taken a peek at the brand’s website lately, you’ve probably noticed that something seems to be up with the company.

So, what happened to Elizabeth and James? Here’s the scoop, plus whether you can still find the brand near you.

What is Elizabeth And James?

Image via @ElizabethandJames

First off, let’s rewind a bit. Elizabeth and James was launched back in 2007, named after the Olsen twins’ younger siblings. It was a brand that effortlessly blended feminine sophistication with a touch of laid-back, contemporary cool. Think boho-chic meets minimalist elegance. The label quickly became a go-to for fashion-forward women seeking that elusive mix of uptown polish and downtown edge.

For years, Elizabeth and James thrived, adored by celebrities and fashion lovers alike. Its collections were a fixture in high-end department stores, and the brand seemed to embody the Olsen twins’ signature style: effortlessly cool, slightly elusive, and always on-point.

What Happened to Elizabeth and James?

The fashion industry is ever-evolving, and so was the career of the Olsen twins. The duo had also launched the luxury label, The Row, while running Elizabeth and James. The Row took off, and became widely regarded in the high-fashion space for its tailoring and craftsmanship.

All this considered, in 2019, the Olsen twins made a strategic move with Elizabeth and James. They partnered with Kohl’s, a decision that shifted the brand’s direction significantly. This collaboration aimed to bring Elizabeth and James to a broader audience, making the Olsen twins’ fashion vision more accessible to the everyday woman. The collections at Kohl’s stayed true to the brand’s roots, focusing on wearable pieces that blended seamlessly into a variety of wardrobes, but were at a significantly cheaper price point.

The brand’s pivot to Kohl’s was a bold step towards democratizing fashion, a move that’s become increasingly popular among designers aiming to reach a wider audience. While some purists may have been surprised by the shift away from high-end retail, this transition allowed Elizabeth and James to touch the lives of more women across America.

Is Elizabeth and James still at Kohl’s?

After a few years of being a top contemporary collection at Kohl’s, Elizabeth and James collections became smaller, and eventually faded away form Kohl’s too.

A look at the Elizabeth and James page on the Kohl’s website shows “0” listings, even though the page is still active.

There have been no official announcements about the brand by Kohl’s, it just simply seems to have been discontinued.

The brand’s Instagram, which was updated for few years following the announcement of the Kohl’s partnership, has also become inactive, all of which leads us to the conclusion that, no, Elizabeth and James is no longer carried at Kohl’s.

A sad ending for what was once a truly fabulous brand. RIP, Elizabeth and James!