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18 Stores like J. Crew – For Timeless, Quality Style

Image via J Crew

If you’re looking for stores like J. Crew, you’re probably a fan of classic outfits ideas, timeless fashion, and quality clothing that doesn’t cost a fortune. While J. Crew is one of the go-to retailers for all of the above, it’s not the only one that meets this criteria.

Whether you want to diversify your wardrobe a bit or are simply looking for a few new places to shop, these stores like J.Crew might just be yore new go-tos. We’ve chosen each one based on similar styles, price points, and /or value.

Stores like J. Crew

From J. Crew sister stores, to shops with similar looks that’ll round out a capsule wardrobe, these are our picks for top brands like J. Crew.

1. Madewell

Madewell is J. Crew’s sister store, and shares a commitment to producing quality basics at an affordable price point. Madewell focuses more on denim and casual styles than J. Crew, however.

If you’re in the market for flattering denim and neutral colors, Madewell is guaranteed to have just what you need. Founded in 1937, and acquired by the J. Crew brand in 2004, Madewell offers quality clothing which appeal to twenty-something women with an appreciation for tried and true fashion trends.

Madewell sell a wide range of clothing, but are most known for their sustainable denim, casual shoewear and everyday fashion essentials. With prices averaging at about $100 for jeans and $75 for tops, Madewell secures themselves as an affordable brand without ever skimping on quality.

2. Club Monaco

In terms of style, Club Monaco is one of the most similar stores like J. Crew. It’s a go-to for polished, classy wardrobe staples. Founded in Canada in 1985, Club Monaco got its start with a determination to produce “better basics” — an idea which has now expanded internationally throughout their many retail stores.

Club Monaco is considered a mid-range fashion brand, with price points slightly higher than J Crew’s, and collections that appeal to various age groups for both men and women. Classic pieces and a simple color palette make Club Monaco the perfect stop for high quality fashion with an effortless aesthetic.

Club Monaco’s style tend to be a bit more modern and less “preppy” than J.Crew’s.

3. Everlane

Everlane is a relatively newer fashion brand, having emerged on the scene in 2010. Sustainable styles, minimalistic designs and brand-free clothing are what define Everlane, a clothing company that is determined to do fashion differently. Starting as a menswear retailer and soon expanding to include women’s styles, Everlane makes it clear that they are not fast-fashion and never will be.

Everlane’s brand chooses to renounce trends, and instead make fashion to be kept and reworn for years, echoing the age-old adage of “quality over quantity”. Despite their anti-trendiness, Everlane finds themselves trending in another way through their eco-friendly initiatives and re-wearable styles which keep customers talking, and coming back for more. With simple color palettes and fairly chosen prices, Everlane is the place to go for building a go-to capsule wardrobe that you can be proud of.

Like J. Crew, Everlane’s prices are middle-of-the-road for a fashion label. Jeans average $98-$118, and knits cost around $50. The brand has introduced a “Choose What You Pay” initiative, where customers can choose to pay a discounted price for products that are overstocked, rather than have them go to waste.

4. Banana Republic

Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 1978, Banana Republic was bought by the Gap corporation and rebranded from safari-wear to upscale clothing and business casual styles. Banana Republic markets themselves primarily to those in their twenties and thirties, targeting a higher income audience than many fast-fashion retailers but still lower than designer brands.

From blazers and cargo pants to velvet sets and sherpa coats, Banana Republic may appear business on the outside but offer event-friendly and dynamic fashion on the inside that is suitable for any occasion. Shop luxury without breaking the bank when you shop at Banana Republic.

5. Abercrombie

Abercrombie is a popular multinational fashion retailer specializing in casualwear. While the styles are geared toward a younger generation than J. Crew, many of the looks can just as easily be incorporated into a stylish mom outfit as they can be into a Gen Z wardrobe. Originally founded in 1892 in New York City as a seller of elite sporting goods, Abercrombie slowly transitioned into its fashion presence today as a young adult apparel retailer, without losing its high-end image.

Abercrombie introduced the trademark “casual luxury” to the fashion world, marketing to a higher class while still offering styles that appealed to a diverse range of individuals and their fashion interests. To stay relevant, Abercrombie have lowered prices and began producing trendier items, helping them appeal to a younger crowd with every quickly shifting fashion trend. From comfortable men’s and women’s clothing to timeless accessories, Abercrombie is a dream fashion destination for those seeking quality and comfort all in one.

6. Vince

Vince is known for understated luxury products with an elevated California aesthetic. Offering men’s and women’s lifestyle and fashion products, Vince pride themselves on offering modern-day, livable clothes while still remaining high-end.

Vince’s products cost more than what you’ll find at J.Crew. Expect to spend about $400 per piece, a price certainly justified by their quality materials and approachable luxury aesthetic. With retail stores across America and wholesale online globally, this classic style clothing store is a must-shop for those looking to add a little luxury to their every day.

7. GAP

GAP is one of the stores like J. Crew you’re probably most familiar with. It’s become a go-to store for everyday clothing. Born and raised in the Bay Area in 1969, Gap is known as the largest specialty retailer in America, known for its laid-back styles and fashionable basics. Gap began as a company with a commitment to inclusivity, and this remains one of their core values from ethically sourced materials to fair labor laws to diversity in and outside the company.

With a wide selection of clothes for men, women, and children, Gap caters to a large audience instead of focusing on quality in a particular niche. With new arrivals regularly dropping online and in-store, Gap remains relevant as a perfect stop for finding everyday leisurewear and quality casual clothing.


Established as an extension of the popular Ann Taylor brand, Loft soon became known on its own as a moderately priced retailer of relaxed women’s fashion. With styles that can be dressed up or dressed down, Loft has been a great stop for comfortable and casual fashion since its inception in 1996.

Targeted to the stylish career woman, Loft makes great use of a wide range of colors, and are best known for cardigans and sweaters in every style. Offering timeless basics with affordable pricing and constant sales to make room for the next trending color palette, Loft is the perfect bridge between trendy apparel and business attire. You can dress it up or dress it down, and you’ll always be in style.

9. Barbour

Recognizable for their waxed cotton jackets, Barbour is a luxury brand that specializes in countrywear for men, women and children. Barbour had its start in 1894 in the U.K., and now has a nationwide retail presence, while still remaining true to its roots in timeless British fashion pieces.

Barbour creates what they call “lifestyle clothing”, essentially, clothing that is intended to be cherished and worn more than once. Their iconic waxed cotton jackets average at around $400, and they sell many more quality pieces, such as boots and leather gloves, to pair with this look for around $200 each.

Barbour is a dream shopping destination for anyone looking to invest in quality clothing that stands apart from today’s trending patterns and fast-fashion lookbooks.

10. Tuckernuck

If you’re looking for stripes, gingham, and pastels, head to Tuckernuck. Tuckernuck is named after a small island off of Nantucket and, you guessed it, it’s a high-end, preppy clothing store. They offer both men’s and womens’ clothing, shoes, and accessories, and carry clothing from both their own in-house brand, as well as a range of smaller contemporary retailers.

Popular fashion brands you’ll find on the site include Pomander Place, Emerson Fry, and Faherty. Price points range from mid-range (Think $85 for a top) to high-end (i.e. $800 evening gowns). Based out of Washington D.C., and founded by three working moms looking to create classic yet unique pieces, Tuckernuck is an online boutique and lifestyle shop with personality and high-end flair.

Thanks to its roots, Tuckernuck’s aesthetic is fitting to its namesake with New England pinstripes, country club style, and classic minimalistic designs. With collections for men and women, and chiclifestyle pieces with a bourgeois twist, Tuckernuck is an ideal shopping destination for the working woman — from nights out, to the office, to your own family vacations to Nantucket.

11. Ralph Lauren

Founded in 1967, American brand Ralph Lauren soon escalated from neckwear to menswear to today’s status as a global leader in lifestyle and fashion. Ralph Lauren’s preppy designs hail to English aristocracy and signify class, attracting high-end shoppers and eager fashionistas like.

Polo shirts, blazers, and striped sets are Ralph Lauren’s niche — effortlessly cool and timeless, appealing to the modern man and woman just as much as to youth looking to fit in (or stand out). This multi-generational, modern American aesthetic is what makes Ralph Lauren such a successful brand, with simple, repeatable designs that never go out of style. Prices are far from fast-fashion but cheaper than luxury fashion labels, making Ralph Lauren the perfect poster child for an old money, happy medium, greatly beloved fashion retailer.

12. Draper James

Launched by award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon in 2015, Draper James brings contemporary Southern styles to the modern American woman. Reese Witherspoon named and modeled the brand after her grandparents, digging into her Southern roots for inspiration.

Feminine charm and gingham dresses are at the heart of Draper James, as well as fundamental homestyle values, making for a brand that looks good and feels good. Timeless accessories and apparel designs are perfect for dressing up or dressing down, in styles you’ll want to rewear. Pieces average at about $100, making Draper James an affordable and alluring go-to shop you’ll want to wear everywhere.

13. Tory Burch

If you’re looking for timeless fashion pieces paired with bright travel-inspired designs, look no further than Tory Burch. Based in Manhattan since its founding in 2004, Tory Burch is a mid-luxury fashion and lifestyle brand with women empowerment at its core. Simple ballet flats and luxe handbags are two of the brand’s most recognizable and well-loved pieces — statement accessories ranging from $200-$600 depending on style, size and seasonality.

In addition to high-end fashion, this beloved retailer also provides women entrepreneurs with business opportunities and loans through the community-based Tory Burch Foundation. For women who want to look good while empowering others, Tory Burch is a must-stop shopping destination, with unique designs and feel-good styles that make luxury worth the price tag.

14. Vineyard Vines

Founded in 1998 in Martha’s Vineyard, a popular seasonal vacation destination, Vineyard Vines bring preppiness to the people with a recognizable pink whale and a plethora of collared shirts. Getting their start as a tie company, and later adding clothing collections for men, women and children, Vineyard Vines styles are the quintessential New England-esque clothing stop.

With designs more commonplace than luxury, Vineyard Vines appeal to the everyday citizen who find themselves intimidated by high-end fashion but still want to make a statement in how they dress. Vineyard Vines most popular styles usually land in the $100 range, making them affordable without being cheap, and preppy without being designer.

15. Dudley Stephens

Dudley Stephens is one of the stores like J. Crew you might not have heard of given it’s rather small size. This mother-daughter owned preppy clothing brand brand, founded in Greenwich, CT in 2015 with functional fashion at its heart. Known for their elevated fleecewear, Dudley Stephens’ top-selling items include monochromatic turtlenecks, tunics, and maxi dresses. A brand known for comfort as well as status, Dudley Stephens pieces are made to be worn.

Sustainability is one of the brand’s core values, using recycled fabrics at every possible turn, and constantly exploring new eco-friendly production options. Collections at Dudley Stephens range from outerwear to loungewear to bright swing dresses — a splash of color sure to brighten anyone’s wardrobe (and day)!

16. J McLaughlin

Producing classic-style American fashion since 1977, J. McLaughlin is a brand known for elevated styles in menswear and womenswear. Each brick-and-mortar location of J. McLaughlin is built with an entirely unique design, made to fit the architecture and aesthetic of each individual town.

From individual shopfronts to their fun, casual apparel, J. McLaughlin makes quality clothes for a day (or night) on the town. Dresses with pockets, coastal print trousers and colorful accessories bridge the gap between casual daywear and preppy socialite designs, solidifying J. McLaughlin’s place as a brand with multi-purpose and multi-generational appeal.

If you’re looking for timeless fashion with a trendy twist, pop by J. McLaughlin and put traditional American styles back on the shelf.

17. Boden

Like J.Crew, Boden offer quality fashion for the whole family. The brand tends to be a bit bolder than J. Crew, however, so if you’re looking for patterns, colorful floor-length dresses and playful styles look no further than this UK-based fashion retailer.

Founded in 1991, Boden expanded to America in 2002, and now sells menswear, womenswear and childrenswear internationally. With prices ranging from $40 for a basic tank, and up to $230 for their top-selling fur jackets, Boden is pricier than fast-fashion while remaining more accessible than luxury brands. Known for their exciting colors and interesting designs, Boden makes fashion something fun for the whole family.

Boden has a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices. The brand uses eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, and works with suppliers that are committed to fair labor practices. Boden has also introduced initiatives such as its “Future British” program, which supports and celebrates emerging British designers.

18. Sezane

Founded in 2013 by Morgane Sézalory, Sézane has quickly become a beacon of Parisian style, known for its impeccable craftsmanship and classic looks with a French spin.

Sézane’s price point comes in slightly higher than J. Crew’s, straddling the line between accessible luxury and high-end quality. However, mixing in Sezane pieces is a perfect way to infuse a J. Crew wardrobe with the effortless chic and enduring style of French fashion.

The style of Sézane’s clothing is quintessentially French—think soft silhouettes, delicate lace, and pastel palettes, balanced with the occasional bold print and structured leather accessory.