11 Stores like H&M – For affordable, trendy clothing

Stores like hm

Whether you’re a loyal H&M devotee, and looking to branch out in your shopping choices, or you’re not finding what you’re looking for at the Swedish retailer, there are lots of stores like H&M out there that will help you broaden your style horizons. From budget-friendly mass-market retailers, to slightly smaller stores with price points just a bit higher than what you’d find at H&M, we’ve rounded up the retailers that are most similar to H&M, below.

What is H&M?

There’s a lot to love about H&M, the worldwide retailer of clothing for men, women, and kids. The store specializes in fast-fashion apparel, as well as basics at a budget-friendly price point. It’s a go-to spot if you’re looking for the latest trends at an affordable price, or inexpensive staples like t-shirts and base-layer tank tops. And, despite being on the cheaper side, H&M has been making an effort to be more sustainable, with its Conscious program, which produces clothing made from recycled, organic, or renewable materials. Finally, it’s everywhere. You’ll find H&M at almost any mall in America, but the store also has a popular website.

10 Stores like H&M

1. Zara

A Zara campaign for holiday 2022

Zara is one of the most similar stores like H&M, because it’s dedicated to bringing trends to the masses around the globe. It isn’t often that luxury-style fashion and affordability are put together into one package deal; that is, except for when it comes to Zara. Zara got its start in Spain and quickly spread across the oceans, solidifying it as an international fast fashion mogul.

The brand’s core values are beauty, precision, functionality and sustainability; Zara’s dedication to the finer aspects of fashion, along with both classic outfit staples and bigger trends, helps it stand out amongst other trending clothing retailers. Zara locations, both in-person and online, are pristine and minimalistic in aesthetic. Zara is the essence of modern fashion; and like H&M you can dress it up or dress it down, and you won’t be breaking the bank while doing it.

2. Mango

Another of the closest stores like H&M, Mango is a highly successful and multinational fashion retailer based in Spain, producing clothes and accessories for men, women and children. Mango’s average prices range between $27-$61, as they have committed themselves to expanding more into the fast fashion market, by lowering prices and increasing product drops with every passing season.

In addition to their chic styles, Mango offers a sustainable collection called “Committed Collection”. This is part of an initiative to lower environmental impact, and features clothes produced with recycled cotton; not only comfortable, but good for the planet.

3. Forever 21

stores like hm
An outfit from Forever 21, a store like H&M

H&M is pretty cheap as far as clothing goes, but Forever 21 might just be even cheaper. Forever 21 is similar to H&M in that it’s focused on fast-fashion that puts trends at the forefront of its offerings.

The store is a husband-and-wife founded company, started in Los Angeles by South Korean immigrants, and soon after expanding worldwide. The company specifically targets young females, aiming to make fashionable items accessible for youth, which aided in their quick expansion within the fashion industry.

Forever 21 can be found in many outlet malls across the globe, staying in the fashion conversation despite having filed for bankruptcy in 2020. This retailer remains relevant by hosting timely sales of trending items and increasing a focus on the customer experience. You are unlikely to leave Forever 21 without taking advantage of at least one well-strategized offer!

4. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle and fashion retailer with an emphasis on hip styles, cultural wellness and creativity. Founded in Pennsylvania in 1970, it has since expanded worldwide and operates under many different brands, such as Free People and Anthropologie. Stepping foot inside an Urban Outfitters store is all part of the brand’s aesthetic, from the vinyl collection to the recycled resale section: to shop at Urban Outfitters is just as trendy as their clothes are.

Urban Outfitters is known for its eclectic assortment of home, fashion and wellness items, ensuring that your home is dressed just as well as you are. If you’re looking for quality denim, groovy patterns and a reworked vintage aesthetic, Urban Outfitters is the place to be.

5. Vici

Vici is an online women’s boutique started in 2012, with relatability and affordability at the forefront of its brand. A brand made by women, for women, it appeals to those looking to mature their sense of fashion and spice up their wardrobe all in one shopping haul.

Vici have a great media presence, partnering with influencers to show off their everyday staples and statement pieces. With an impressive sale always going on, and new styles constantly being added to their website, Vici is the go-to brand for the working woman who wants to make sure she never goes out of style.

6. Asos

If you’re in search of trending menswear and womenswear, look no further than Asos, which stands for “As Seen on Screen”. As seen on screen is right, for Asos has come a long way from its launch in the UK in 2000, now being recognized as a leading fashion retailer internationally. Asos is the place to shop for any twenty-something with a passion for fashion and a desire to be ahead of the trend.

Asos highlights celebrity partnerships, and also works closely with social media influencers, making itself a relatable brand you can trust. You’ll find big brands like Adidas and The North Face in its collections, so no need to worry about falling off today’s trends when you shop at Asos. Asos is also one of the official retailers of Topshop’s clothing, along with Nordstrom.

7. Marshalls

Marshalls is a store like H&M in that its price point caters to the masses. Unlike H&M, however, it’s an off-price retailer which carries designer clothing and lifestyle items at economical rates. H&M also tends to have a focused aesthetic, where Marshalls sells a little of everything in a wide range of styles.

A part of the TJX corporation, this American based chain is a one stop shop for all things lifestyle and wellness. Style yourself for a night out, or prepare for a night in with items ranging from designer bags and party gowns to pajama sets and slippers. For the lover of deals in all of us, Marshalls is the perfect destination to fulfill your in-season style needs.

8. & Other Stories

High quality pieces, neutral colors and sustainably sourced materials: what brand does this better than & Other Stories? Part of the H&M Group, & Other Stories was founded in 2013 with a strict focus on quality of product and environmental consciousness. With studios in Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles, & Other Stories strives for attention to detail in every product and it certainly shows in the quality of work.

Dresses and blouses average at about $100 per piece, and with many of these products being made out of fully recycled materials this price is easy to justify. With perfectly paired jewelry and accessories for every occasion, & Other Stories is a high-end women’s brand that’s good for your closet and for the planet.

9. Target

Target is a popular corporation with an assortment of specialized clothing brands for women, men, and children. Rising to popularity in the 1970s, Target is a favorite of both the middle-aged crowd and the young adult, building a multigenerational appeal with their cheap prices and homey aesthetic.

Target’s clothes are both practical and hip, with an outfit for every occasion and an accessory in every color imaginable. With regular seasonal drops and a constantly updated sales section, Target sells everyday items that appeal to anyone. Whether you’re planning a vacation or prepping for errands day, Target is bound to have something cute and comfortable for the occasion.

10. Old Navy

Family fashion is in, and Old Navy is the pinnacle of American fashion and affordability all in one blue and white shopping cart. Opening its first store in 1994, Old Navy soon became a household name with fashion for the whole family. After its immediate success in America, Old Navy expanded internationally and continued to be known for fashion essentials at reasonable prices.

Old Navy sticks to the basics, and is the perfect shopping destination for building a capsule wardrobe. By avoiding internet trends and sticking to time-tested styles, Old Navy stands out as a brand that isn’t going anywhere. With business casual styles and comfortable styles alike, Old Navy is the perfect stop for that seasonal closet refresh you’ve been meaning to shop for.

Is H&M cheaper than Zara?

Zara and H&M are both value-priced fast-fashion retailers, but H&M is generally cheaper than Zara. Zara items can top $100, especially for things like jackets, blazers, and outwear, but H&M prices rarely top $100.

Are H&M and Zara the same thing?

Again, while the two stores are very similar in that they’re internationally-based retailers that sell trendy clothing at a budget-friendly price, they are not the same. H&M, or H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB is based out of Sweden. Zara is owned by Spain’s Inditex.

What is better than H&M?

If you’re looking for stores like H&M but want better quality, try its sister label & Other Stories. The brand makes similarly high-fashion pieces, but the quality and price point are both a bit higher.

If you’re looking for basics that are better quality, check out Everlane. For trendy pieces of a better quality, try Anthropologie, or the contemporary sections of retailers like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom.