Kibbe Body Type Quiz

Looking for a Kibbe body type quiz to help you identify whether you’re a dramatic, a gamine, or somewhere in between?

After scoring a library copy of David Kibbe’s book, Metamorphosis, we’ve become Kibbe devotees, and created this easy quiz based on the Kibbe original, to help you figure out where on the body type spectrum you fall.

“There’s not one thing about your natural physical appearance that isn’t absolutely perfect for the totally unique individual you are.”

– David Kibbe

This assessment is adaptable for any gender or biological makeup. We’ve slightly adapted questions concerning the waist and hips, and there’s no obligation to respond to the bust query

Tips for Taking The Kibbe Body Type Quiz

Before you skip to the quiz below, here are a few important notes.

Self-assessment tools

First, gather your self-assessment tools. Either take a photograph of yourself, or have a mirror on hand for an accurate self-evaluation. Wear either a snug-fitting outfit, like biker shorts and a tank or perhaps just your underwear/swimsuit.

Be objective

It’s tough to see yourself completely objectively, but for this quiz, you should try. Let go of any classifications you’ve already put on your body. Just as importantly, make sure you’re identifying each answer based on the body type you have, not the one you wish you had.

Try it with a friend

This is not essential, but one of Kibbe’s tips in the “quiz” chapter in the book is to take this quiz with a friend to help make sure you each get objective answers.

Go au natural

While you’re doing your self evaluation, you want to see your natural features. It’s best to do the assessment with no makeup and not wearing glasses.

Photo Pointers

If you decide to work from a photo, position your camera at mid-chest level, make sure you’re shooting straight-on, and capturing your entire body in the photo.

Documenting Responses

Make sure you write down your answer to each question since you’ll need them to score your quiz and get your result.

Ready to find out your Kibbe body type? Let’s get started.

How does the Kibbe Body Type Test Work?

The Kibbe Body Type Quiz measures the Yin and Yang elements in your appearance. Your unique mix of yin and yang will correspond to one of the Kibbe body types.

Kibbe identified specific traits as being Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine).

YIN Body Type Characteristics Include:

  • Petite. Rounded. Voluptuous curves. Delicate
  • bone structure. Large, luminous eyes.
  • Delicately pointed chin. Sloped or tapered
  • shoulders. Hourglass figure. Small hands
  • anl feet. Delicate skin. Fair complexion.
  • Softly textured, lustrous hair.

YANG Body Type Characteristics Include:

  • Tall. Angular. Broad or sharp bone structure.
  • High or exotic cheekbones. 
  • Blunt
  • Jawline. 
  • Prominent nose or facial features.
  • Square shoulders. 
  • Straight body lines.
  • Large hands and feet. 
  • Distinct coloring.
  • Extreme texture to hair (silky-smooth, heavily textured)

Kibbe Body Type Quiz

Long and angular, but not sharp, Julia Roberts is a Flamboyant Natural

Part 1:  Identifying Bone Structure

Q1. Perceived Height
You know when you see a photo of a celebrity who looks like she’s 6 feet tall, only come to find out she’s 5’2″? That’s perceived height. Your actual height isn’t the concern but the height you appear to be, relative to your head’s proportionality.

  1. Long (People usually think I’m taller than I really am.)
  2. Moderately long (People sometimes guess I’m slightly taller, but not by much.)
  3. Moderate (People usually guess my height correctly, or aren’t at all surprised by it.)
  4. Smallish (People usually guess I’m slightly smaller, and my curvy figure is more noticeable than my height.)
  5. Petite (It’s very obvious to everyone that I am small in stature.)

Q2. Shoulder Configuration
How do your shoulders look, when compared to your head, not your body?

  1. Narrow, sharp
  2. Broad, blunt
  3. Symmetrical, even
  4. Sloped, but tapered
  5. Sloped, but rounded

Q3. Arm and Leg Shape Perception?
(Focus solely on bone, not flesh.)

  1. Elongated, narrow
  2. Elongated, broad
  3. Moderate, in even proportion to my height and upper torso
  4. Small, slightly shortish
  5. Small, very short in proportion to my height and upper torso

Q4. Hand and Feet Shape Perception?
(Again, look at bone, not flesh.)

  1. Long and narrow
  2. Large and broad
  3. Moderate, neither long, broad, delicate or small
  4. Small, narrow, delicate
  5. Small and slightly wide

Part 2: Body Flesh Composition

Soft and full, Kate Winslet, is a Romantic Kibbe Type

Q5. The overall shape of my body is:

  1. Long, lean, sinewy
  2. Broad, tending toward muscular
  3. Symmetrical, evenly proportioned c.
  4. Very shapely, a delicate hourglass figure
  5. Very soft, curved, hour glass

Q6. My bustline/torso is best described as:
(This question is optional.)

  1. Flat, taut (I never seem to add flesh here, even when I’m overweight.)
  2. Wide, broad (I tend to add a little flesh here when overweight, but not much)
  3. Moderate, in even proportion with my waist and hips
  4. Shapely and more prominent than my waistline
  5. Very prominent, lots of curves (whether I’m thin or not I’m still busty)

Q7. The flesh on my upper arm and thighs is
(Examine flesh shape, in proportion to your overall physique.)

  1. Long and lithe
    2.Elongated and tending toward muscular
    3..Moderate, neither extremely soft or extremely muscular
    4.Soft, slightly short
    5. Very soft, slightly wide and fleshy

Q8. My hip line is

  1. Tapered, boyishly narrow
  2. Straight, slightly tapered
  3. Moderate, in even proportion to my waist and bust
  4. Rounded, more pronounced than my waistline
  5. Extremely soft and rounded no matter my weight

Q9. My Waist line is

  1. Elongated by boyishly tapered
  2. Elongated but tends to be very straight (of thin) or thick (if overweight)
  3. Moderate, slightly defined
  4. Very small in proportion to bust and hips
  5. Softly defined but tends to be slightly wide

Part 3: Facial Bone Framework

Taylor Swift is an example of a Dramatic Kibbe type, with high, angular cheekbones.

Q10. The shape of my jawline is:
(Consider jaw corners and chin shape.)

  1. Sharp, either pointed or square
  2. Broad and blunt
  3. Moderate, symmetrical; neither wide nor sharp
  4. Delicate and tapered
  5. Rounded and soft

Q11. My nose shape is:
(Look from both the front and side.)

  1. Sharp or prominent
    2.Broad or blunt
    3.. Moderate, symmetrical, not overly large or small
    4. Delicate, narrow
    5.. Rounded, softly wide, but not large

Q12. Cheekbone Outline?
(Touch and feel if necessary, but ignore cheek flesh.)

  1. High
    2. Wide
    3.. Symmetrical, moderate
    4. Narrow, slightly rounded
    5. Rounded, apple cheeked

Part 4: Facial Attributes

With full features and a petite stature, Lucy Hale is a gamine type

Q13. Eye Shape

  1. Narrow, straight, close together
    2.Narrow, straight, wide set
    3..Evenly spaced, symmetrical
    4. Rounded, slightly close together, slightly almond shaped or upturned
    5. Very round and large

Q14. My lip shape is:

  1. Straight, narrow, thin-lipped
    2. Straight, broad, but not full
    3.. Moderate, neither thin nor full
    4. Slightly full and rounded
    5. Very full and rounded

Q15. Cheek Fleshiness?
(Focus on facial flesh, not bones.)

  1. Taut and flat, even when overweight
    2. Fairly taut, but can get puffy when I put on weight
    3..Moderate and soft but no puffy
    4. Soft and fleshy
    5. Very soft and round even when I’m thinner

Part 5: Hair

Q 16. My hair is:

  1. Extremely fine
  2. Strongly textured, coarse, heavy, either straight or curly
  3. Moderately textured, slightly wavy
  4. Moderately thick, with bend of waves
  5. Extremely thick and curly/wavy

Now it’s time to find your results!

Score your Kibbe Body Type Quiz

Tally up your scores from the quiz, noting your top two or three answers. Then, scroll below to find your type.

Dramatic Types

  • Mostly 1s: Dramatic
  • Mostly 1s with a few 4s or 5s: Soft dramatic

Natural Types

  • Mostly 2s: Natural
  • Mostly 2s with a few 4s or 5s: Soft Natural
  • Mostly 2s with a few 1s: Flamboyant Natural

Classic Types

  • Mostly 3s: Classic
  • Mostly 3s with a few 4s or 5s: Soft Classic
  • Mostly 3s with a few 1s: Dramatic Classic

Romantic Types

  • Mostly 4s: Romantic
  • Mostly 4s with a few 1s or 2s: Theatrical/Dramatic Classic

Gamine Types

  • If you have a mix of answers, but slightly more 4s/5s, you are Soft Gamine
  • if you have a mix of answers, but slightly more 1s/2s, you are Flamboyant Gamine.

Find out more about your Kibbe Body type here.