Holiday Nails 2023: 15 Nail Designs We Love

Elevate your holiday look with our handpicked nail designs for 2023. From festive patterns to bold colors, we’ve got something for everyone.

Being a self-proclaimed holiday nail fanatic, this quite literally makes me squeal about the festivity of the winter season. And what more do we need than going through some extravagant nail art ideas to get us going into the Christmas spirit?

As the new year stands on the door, hike our nail game and make it glamorous this festivity. Take a tour of 15 fabulous nail designs for Christmas that will make anyone on the head-turning side this season.

From sparkly snowflakes to Christmas-inspired stunners, these modern, fabulous suggestions are sure to put your nails the buzz of every festivity.

Hold tight to your favorite bottles of polish and get ready for a holiday season that’s meant to be seriously sassy at the fingertips!

Holiday Nails Ideas

1. Candy cane tips

Image via @nailsbyalsn

Get ready to satisfy that sweet tooth because candy cane tips are preparing to dominate the holiday nail scene! These fun and festive designs are meant to mimic the design on everybody’s favorite holiday treat – the iconic red and white stripes.

2. Mulled wine shade

Image via @nailsbyalsn

Who doesn’t love a warm, cozy mug of mulled wine in the days leading up to Christmas? And now, that rich, deep shade comes to your nails! I adore this shade cause it’s like sipping on the holidays all day long!

3. Beige and gold glitter

Image via @ashlee.annn

Shimmer and shine this festive season with the oh-so-glamorous combination of beige and glitter gold. Luminous, sophisticated, and yet striking nail design that will add sophistication to any festive look, making you feel like a luminous celestial queen.

4. Blue ombre

Image via @lovefreshpaint

Do you want to feel like an Elsa from Frozen? Paint the ice wonderland on your nails with blue ombre design! With the gradient ranging from icy white to midnight navy, your nails will perfectly echo the tranquil beauty of a snowy yard.

5. Green mistletoe leaves

Image via @_by_shelley

Another design that I love for the holidays is the one with green mistletoe leaves. Make all nails total green and add paint some delicate leaves with gold accents on your forefingers. Classy and festive!

6. Cute snowflakes

Get ready to “let it snow” nail style! This adorable design will make you feel like a winter wonderland princess (believe me!). While doing a little glamorous Christmas wrapping or grabbing a mug of cocoa – you’ll be fascinating every time you look at them!

7. Gold french

Image via @imarninails

Bring in some extravagance and classy-ness to your holiday-inspired nails by opting for this luxurious gold french look. The shimmering gold tip gives this classic manicure a stylish twist and can enhance any outfit or party’s look immediately. Get ready to be a shining star!

8. Red glitter and funny deer

Picture cute little reindeer smiling on your fingernails with glittering antlers. Such a cool, funny, and entertaining design will make everyone smile.

9. Hanukkah-inspired design

Image via @darlasdailydeets

Get lit with Hanukkah-inspired nail art that will illuminate your fingertips and surely light up the room. Decorate your nails with golden stars along with blue and silver glitters, making them party-worthy for the holiday of the light.

10. Green glitter

Image via @manifaktura.bemowo

Ideal choice for those in need of glittery touch and vibrant Christmas feel. Whether you go for overall glittering look or simply use it to enhance, green will make your nails sparkle just like a Christmas tree.

11. Gold sparkle design

Image via @lucymccarthybeauty

Do you want to sparkle like a shining star during this festive period? This nude design with gold sparkles is the pinnacle of sophistication and class.

12. Grey & white nails

Image via @basecoat.jo

A good old combination of grey and white on nails say timeless elegance. And these glitter accents and a minimalistic Christmas tree…it’s like a winter season on your fingertips!

13. Sapphire shades

Image via @thehotblend

Another Hanukkah-inspired design that I adore. It is quite minimalistic but still shows the holiday spirt. And these small stars are a great illustration of this holiday!

14. Neutral tones

Do you want to have a holiday nail art but don’t want these bright red and green colors? Then neutral shades are your go-to. Choose white, grey, and soft pink, and even combine them with brown. And to add some festivity, don’t forget to draw some snowflakes, Christmas tree branches, and stars!

15. Disco ball nails

Image via @imarninails

Finally, this bold design is a real disco ball on your nails. I like the way it shines and think that its perfect for Christmas or New Year party. Your holiday nails will be like small stars shimmering through a mirror. Get ready to sparkle like a star!