15 Holiday Family Photo Outfit Ideas – From Everyday to Elegant

Looking for holiday family photo outfit ideas? Keep reading for 15 of my favorite looks, from neutrals to full-on festive.

As a mom of three who’s currently planning my own holiday family photos for our Christmas cards …. I can say that finding outfits for five people that are coordinating but not too matchy, and cute but not cutesy, is way harder than it should be.

In fact, planning family photo outfits is probably the reason that my family only gets professional photos done once every 3-4 years. Planning outfits is just rough.

That said because I’m putting in the legwork to find holiday family photo outfits for my own people this year, I thought I’d share some of my favorite looks I’ve come across, as well as the direction I’m leaning in this year.

For reference, my oldest two kids are boys, and my youngest is a girl, so I’m looking for outfits for both.

15 Holiday Family Photo Outfit Ideas For your Christmas Cards & Holiday Greetings

1. Red and neutrals

One easy way to think about holiday family photo outfits is to choose one direction for the kids and another for the parents. Here, mom and dad are wearing more neutral and toned-down colors, while the kids stand out in their brighter red colors. The overall look is coordinated but not like you were trying to win a Pinterest outfit contest.

2, Choose complementary colors

This look proves that your outfits don’t have to be overly planned to look great. Blogger Lindsey Regan and fam are dressed in shades of blue, red, and brown that are complimentary but not necessarily even coordinated. To achieve a similar vibe, look for colors in the same tone (i.e. all brights, or all muted shades) to make your outfits feel intentional. If you want to add an element of match-iness, try coordinating accessories. 

3. Throw off black-tie vibes

For a glam family photo session, don the fam in their finest. I love the all-black look here, and it’s easy to recreate. Choose luxe fabrics like velvet, silk and faux-fur to make this photo really feel special.

4. Thrift your holiday outfits

The blogger behind The Makerista challenged herself to find thrifted outfits for her family photos a few years back, and I love how the result is vintage, but sophisticated. To get a similar look, choose a tight color palette (think bright red, hunter green and touches of gold or white), and pick outfits in different patterns that suit the scheme.

5. Choose earth tones

For family photos that feel more season-less, choose outfits in color-blocked earth tones like cream, khaki, olive, and gray. I love this because it’s easy, and it feels both classic and classy.

6. Black & red matching outfits

Prepare to sleigh Christmas this year with the ideal black and red outfits for your family photo like Celia Jane did it! Opt for a smooth, stylish vibe by teaming boys in black suits with timeless black ties. Meanwhile, dress yourself and you little girls in cute red frocks (with glitter!) for an injection of colour and festive cheer.

7. Choose matching plaids

When it comes to dressing your whole gang, think coordination. Pick complementary colors and matching plaids in similar patterns. Your resulting photo will be cozy, classic and totally frame-worthy – just how you want to remember this magical time of year.

8. Black and cream

This is a great option if you don’t want to go out and buy your entire family new outfits for your holiday family photos, because there’s a good chance everyone in your home has somthing that’s either black or cream-colored. To make neutral outfits feel festive, take a cue from Caitlin Houston (again!), and choose a holiday-themed (or colored) backdrop.

9. Wear your Christmas jammies

Image via @cinziatripolitano

What a Christmas without a nice jammie! Select merry patterns like snowflakes, reindeer or Santa Claus for an extra-festive touch. Curl up in comfy but cool sleepwear that’ll help everyone feel relaxed (and look adorable) in front of the camera.

10. White and cozy

This is one of my favorite options. Choose matching sweaters or cardigans in soft, fluffy fabrics that will keep you feeling warm and looking stylish. This sophisticated monochrome look will add a touch of elegance to your holiday photos.

11. Wear a Santa hat

Image via Shop Gina Michelle

Sprinkle some Yuletide magic over your family album with everyone sporting Santa’s hats! This fun and festive accessory is the perfect way to spread Christmas cheer (promise me, I know!). Gather round, pop on a hat each and capture the excitement of the season in beautiful family portraits.

12. Rock coordinated outerwear

Planning a last-minute holiday photo shoot? Embrace the weather and wear your best outerwear for your pictures. Think duck boots, jeans, neutral-colored jackets and festive-colored cold-weather hats and scarves. Easy and practical!

13. Total green outfit

Why not go all in with a completely green getup? From top to bottom, you can don shades of green for an audacious and celebratory feel. Use various tones and textures – just look at this photo! I think it’s amazing!

14. Beige coats & red sweaters

Image via @lilya_turok

Cream-colored coats teamed with red sweaters makes a great look for your holiday family photo outfit. The neutral hue of the coats will create a timeless setting, while the vibrant red sweaters introduce a burst of seasonal color. And what a background! Consider finding similar, too!

15. Wear Christmas sweaters

Image via @amoreimages

No Christmas family photo is complete without an ugly (or not ugly!) christmas sweater, right? Opt for a festive look with patterns like reindeer, snowflakes or even Christmas trees to bring a playful feel. If everyone’s in on the act it’ll help create fun and warmth in your photographs this season.