6 Golden Goose Dupes That’ll Save You Big on This Stylish Sneaker Trend

Are you on the hunt for some fabulous alternatives to the iconic Golden Goose sneakers? Read on to discover our handpicked selection of our favourites Golden Goose dupes for women and kids.

Image via Golden Goose

Gather ’round, fashionistas! I’m about to do a little sneak peek into the golden world of Golden Goose dupes. If you’ve had your eyes on those fabulous and ultra-trendy sneakers, but you’ve found yourself hesitating due to their eye-watering price tag, fear not, my frugal friends. I’ve scoured the virtual shelves to unearth some brilliant alternatives that will see you strutting your stuff without leaving your bank account in tears.

Golden Goose sneakers are a staple for those who live and breathe that effortless, cool, and edgy vibe. They ooze street cred with their ruggedly distressed look, worn-in charm, and iconic star logo.

The kicks elevate any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. But with price tags soaring into the hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars, splurging on an epic pair can seem like a luxury that’s just out of reach.

Thank goodness for us smart shoppers, though. With the rise of popularity of this brand over recent years has also come many high-quality Golden Goose dupes.

So, instead of breaking the bank trying to keep up with the Joneses, you can shop great quality dupes that are every bit as stylish and a lot more purse-friendly than the real thing.

The Best Golden Goose Dupes for Women (and a pair for kiddos!)

Picture this: strolling down the streets with your buddies, rocking those sassy distressed sneakers that resemble Golden Goose at first glance. 

People will turn their heads in admiration as you confidently strut your stuff – and little do they know it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg! Are you excited? Let’s check the best Golden Goose dupes to choose from.

1. Vintage Havana Gadol Sneakers – The Best Golden Goose Dupes

Image via Zappos

In my opinion, the Gadol Vintage Havana sneakers are the best Golden Goose dupes when it comes to looks. It has a slim silhouette with a star detail on its side that gives that unmistakable signature Golden Goose look. My friend bought them, and they’re a perfect everyday sneaker.

But what made these different from other dupes is not only their design; it’s also because of their quality. Their leather upper has perforated detailing, adding an extra touch of chicness to your outfit, whether your going to a sports game or heading to dinner with friends.

And, oh, let’s not forget about the distressed rubber outsole. This feature gives this dupe that worn-in, lived-in vibe Golden Goose is known for. Although these don’t have this “feature,” you can easily add this by yourself! Just go outside in the rain and walk through the swamp, and voila! You’ve got yourself that Golden Goose aesthetic (I’m kidding!). 

2. Vintage Havana Kate Slip-On Sneakers

Image via DSW

Don’t you remember the Animal-embossing Golden Goose collection, where a pair of sneakers was over $800? Good news for you! I’ve found the perfect doppelgangers for those coveted kicks: Vintage Havana Kate Slip-On Sneaker. And they’re only priced at $74.98.

The animal-embossing pattern on these makes them such an easy go-to if you want to up the jeans and tee to a super-cute summer dress combo. And there’s so much detail; you’ll just love how easily these add instant cool cred to your outfit.

So why spend hundreds on designer sneakers when you can achieve the same fashion-forward look for less?

3. Steve Madden Rezume Sneakers

Image via Zappos

Didn’t you like Vintage Havana sneakers because they don’t have the “dirty” effect of the rubber? Well, if you’re craving a pair of considerable star power, these Steve Madden Rezume Sneakers will then rev up your looks.

Honestly, I love this pair because of its perforated star detailing. The metallic heel detailing adds an extra dose of chicness, ensuring everywhere you go, people are going to be turning heads at your new shoes.

Whether you wear them with jeans and a cute top or dress them up with a flirty skirt, these Golden Goose dupes will elevate your style game like no other.

But fashion isn’t the only thing these babies have going for it. The reviews that I read say they are quite comfy compared to their “original” friends. Goodbye, sore feet after hours upon hours of walking!

4. PARTY Women’s Fashion Star Sneakers

Image via Amazon

If $75 for a pair of Golden Goose dupes is also too much for you, I’ve found a great alternative. For just $44.99, you can get the PARTY Women’s Fashion Star Sneaker. They come in metallic or animal print color blocking, adding a touch of glam to any outfit.

You can feel good about this purchase as these shoes are totally made from 100% vegan materials (not all Golden Goose shoes are vegan!). So if that bothers you, something else that really chaps your hide, yet you love the way they look, then I have some good news for ya: no animals were harmed in the creation of these shoes.

5. Mi.iM Skylar Rubber Sole Lace-up Glitter Suede Leather Star Sneakers

Image via Amazon

Other Golden Goose dupes that will have you shining like a star are the Mi.iM Skylar Rubber Sole Lace-up Glitter Suede Leather Star Sneakers.

Why I chose them? Because their animal-print laces combined with the glitter design and star logo really resemble the original ones. And let’s not forget that vintage finish – it gives them that worn-in, cool-girl vibe.

Pair them up with jeans and a leather jacket for an effortlessly chic look, or throw ‘em on in the summer with a cute dress to really spice up your look.

6. XinYiQu Kids Sparkle Star Sneakers 

And let’s not forget about kids! As a mom, I know that all kids want to look stylish (and moms also want their kids to look great!). After checking the official Golden Goose website and seeing prices starting at an almost shocking $200 for genuine shoes, I did have a little shock.

So, I came across XinYiQu Kids Sparkle Star Sneakers – these are the perfect dupes for Golden Goose without breaking your bank balance ($16.25 only!).

Rubber outsole provides excellent footing as well as utter durability, so your kiddos can wear them around all day with no problems. A lace-up closure makes it easy to put on and take off – wins all around for both child and parent (no more hassle getting stubborn shoes onto those little feet)!

Made from PU Leather with a soft sole, these sneakers are not only lightweight but also breathable and comfortable. So whether your kid is running around the playground or going on an outdoor adventure, their feet will be stylish, happy, and completely supported!