Fendi vs. Fenty: Fashion’s Fierce ‘F’ Face-off!

Wondering the difference between Fendi vs. Fenty? We’re breaking it down, below.

Manuel Milan for Shutterstock

Hello, fashion aficionados! 🌟 Ever found yourself amidst a heated debate about the fabulous world of fashion, specifically revolving around two iconic brands that, albeit having similar-sounding names, hail from entirely different worlds? We’re talking about the titanic tussle between Fendi and Fenty. If you’ve ever scratched your head trying to figure out which is which, or if you just want to flex some fashion knowledge at your next brunch date, you’re in the right place!

Fendi Fun Facts: What is Fendi?

  1. Origin: Let’s set the record straight: Fendi is Italiano! 🍝 Originating from the romantic lanes of Rome, Fendi was birthed way back in 1925. Yep, it’s almost a century old!
  2. Known For: Fendi is like that glam grandma who’s way cooler than you’ll ever be. They’ve given us the Baguette bag (not the bread, though equally delicious in the fashion sense). They’re also famed for their fur and leather goods, so think posh coats and luxe accessories. And who can forget the iconic double ‘F’ logo?
  3. Fun Fact: Fendi’s ‘Peekaboo’ bag got its name because, well, you play peekaboo with it! Open it slightly for a coy peek, or wide open to flaunt its insides.

Fenty Freshness: What is Fenty?

  1. Origin: Enter the world of Fenty, the brainchild of none other than the Barbadian queen of pop, Rihanna Launched in partnership with LVMH in 2019, the clothing arm of the brand shuttered just two years later in 2021. Rihanna’s Fenty beauty, however, is still going strong.
  2. Known For: Fenty wasn’t just about fashion; it’s an empire. While Fenty Fashion was known for its inclusive sizes and edgy designs, Fenty Beauty disrupted the beauty industry by dropping 40 foundation shades. Mic drop. They championed diversity and made everyone feel seen. Oh, and there’s also Fenty Skin, because Rihanna wants us all glowing.
  3. Fun Fact: Rihanna’s real name? Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Yep, the brand’s named after her!

Battle of the Brands: Who Wears the Crown?

  • Icon Status: Fendi, with its rich history, has dressed everyone from Hollywood royalty to actual royalty. Their pieces are timeless. Think of Fendi as that elegant aunt who sips champagne and has stories from the ’70s.
  • Fashion vs. Versatility: While Fendi zeroes in on luxury fashion, Fenty spreads its wings. With beauty, skincare, and fashion under its belt, it’s a multi-faceted brand for the modern individual.

In the grand duel of Fendi vs. Fenty, there’s no real winner or loser. They’re both iconic in their own right. Fendi dazzles with its legacy, while Fenty shines with its modernity and inclusivity.

In the vast universe of fashion and beauty, both brands have carved out their niche. So, whether you’re feeling like flaunting a classic Baguette or rocking a bold Fenty lip, just know you’re absolutely fabulous either way. 💁‍♀️💅