17 Fall Ombre Nails We Love

Image via Ella + Mila

Looking for fall ombre nail ideas? Read on for 18 of our favorites

Fall ombre nails might not be *Quite* as synonymous with autumn as pumpkin spice lattes, but if you spend any time on #NailTok, you might be convinced otherwise.

An ombre nail, whether its multiple colors on a single nail, or one slightly different shade on each finger, is the perfect complement to sweater weather, and they look amazing when holding your favorite autumnal coffee beverage.

Here are 15 fall looks we love:

17 Fall Ombre Nails We Love

From single ombre nails in coffee-colored palettes, to a rainbow of colors spanning all five fingers, these are the fall ombre nail ideas we love this year.

1. A warm nude ombre

Image via @sensationails4u

Nail designer @sensationails4u used Zoya Emilia, OPI Over the Taupe and Heroine NYC Bare Minimum, Between the Sheets, and Nude Attitude to get this cozy fall nail idea.

2. Ombre all the way

Image via Shein

Have you seen those grey ombre glossy fall nails? They’re seriously on another level. The way the different shades of grey seamlessly blend together is like autumn vibes on your fingertips. It’s all about that cozy and sophisticated look. And the glossy finish? That just takes it to a whole new level of fancy.

3. Coffee-colored fall ombre nails

Image via Gels by Bry

Nail design influencer Gels by Bry used The Gel Bottle’s Latte, Tan, Woody, FashHUN and Chocolate to create this ombre fall nail look.

4. Color-fall ombre nails

Image via The Cotton Sugar

Nail artist The Cotton Sugar used Orly nail polished and a stamping plate to create this coloful ombre nail with a twist.

5. Pumpkin ombre nails

Image via @the_gelbottle_inc

Get ready to fall in love with the color scheme from pinkie to thumb: Pumpkin, African Sunset, and Brunette. They started off with a base coat of BIAB Teddy and topped it all off with incredible Extreme Shine Topcoat. Real pumpkin spiced latte!

6. Dark green and gray ombre nails

Picture yourself with shades of black, deep green, and mysterious grey morphing into one another on your nails. It’s like capturing the very essence of autumn in a manicure!

7. Glossy glitter fall nails

Image via @sensationails4u

Another great design by @sensationails4u. This time, she added a touch of glitter and glossy top coat to give this manicure an extra sparkle.

8. Glazed ombre

Image via @nailsxmina

Wanna hop on the trendy fall ombre manicure train without going all out with bright colors? Check out this super classy nude glazed design by @nailsxmina. It’s perfect for those who want to keep it chic and neutral with any wardrobe staple, but still want a manicure that brings the fall warmth.

9. Barbie-styled ombre

Image via @thenaillologist

Barbie took over in the summer of 2023, and if you’re not ready to shake the all-things-pink energy just yet, this is the perfect transition manicure for the weeks between summer and fall. It starts off with a soft, nude-toned blush at the base and gradually transitions to a vibrant fuchsia with tiny white flowers.

10. Fire ombre nails

Image via @allisondoesnails

Think about rocking bold and blazing shades of red, orange, and ember that mimic the fiery intensity of flames. Perfect fall ensemble! For this fiery look, you’ll need some fabulous products from the awesome @mooncat collection – “Gates of Hell,” “Pandemonium,” and don’t forget the tempting touch of “Stolen Ambrosia.”

11. Gold-to-bronze ombre nails with a texture

Image via @3615_zbobinails

If you’re not afraid of bright and extravagant designs, then this option is just for you! Gold and bronze tones are perfect for fall to match your outfits. And the textured pattern adds another layer of awesomeness, recreating that satisfying feeling of running your fingers!

12. Orange matte ombre

Another great fall manicure by @elzbieta_laszewska_instruktor, and this one is perfect for Halloween. Shades of orange in a matte ombre feel cozy and unexpected, and the black specks add a modern twist.

13. Nude ombre nails

Image via Ella + Mila

If you prefer a neutral mani, you can still pull off the fall ombre nails look. All you need is a few warm-toned nude shades.. Plus, as this picture perfectly portrays, this manicure makes a lovely complement to a cozy knitted sweater!

14. A Ghoulish mani

Image via @paragonnails

Here’s another one that’s perfect for Halloween. The green color with yellow-gold tones at the center feels creepy-but-cool. It’s perfect complement to a ghoulish costume, or you can make your mani your nod to all Hallows eve if you’re not a costume gal.

15. Beige & red gradient

Image via @jessicawashick

Nail master @jessicawashick knows everything about nails trends – and this beige & red manicure is no exception! If you’re feeling indecisive about which color to rock, here’s a foolproof idea for this season: paint one hand with a gradient of fiery red shades and the other with smooth, neutral beige tones.

16. Multichrome nails

Image via @frecklepusnails

Multichrome pigments are the secret ingredient that adds an extra dose of magic to your nail game – and @recklepusnails understands it like no other! It’s like having a tiny work of art right there on your nails – constantly changing and catching everyone’s attention during gloomy fall days!

17. Croc ombre nails

Image via @mj_nailbizz

Finally, amp up the glam on your nails this fall with some croc-patterned ombre goodness! This beautiful (and classic!) orange-to-black gradient seems like bringing the raw beauty of autumn landscapes right onto your fingertips!

What is a good fall color for nails?

Want nails that scream “fall vibes”? Well, here are some killer colors to rock:

  • First up, we’ve got deep burgundy. This shade is like sipping on a glass of fine wine while watching the leaves change. It’s classy and oh-so-sophisticated.
  • Next, picture this: burnt orange. Reminds you of pumpkins and all things autumnal, right? Slap on this warm and vibrant hue for nails that scream fall fun.
  • Feeling earthy? Olive green is the perfect choice. It’s a muted, natural green that pairs well with cozy sweaters and embraces those fall tones with elegance.
  • Now let’s talk chocolate brown. Think cocoa by the fireside – it exudes warmth and coziness, making it ideal for matching any outfit in your fall wardrobe.
  • Speaking of luxury, we can’t forget about plum–it’s deep, mysterious, and adds an air of elegance to your nails with just one stroke.
  • If you want something bright but still screams fall spirit, mustard yellow should be your go-to color! Warm like sunflowers swaying in golden fields—it’ll make your nails pop!
  • For a unique twist on classic shades, try out dark teal—a mesmerizing blue-green hue that brings those cool autumn nights to mind.
  • And lastly (but definitely not least), rusty red—this reddish-brown wonder captures that rustic charm perfectly. Let’s embrace all things weathered!

Ultimately though when choosing nail colors for fall season experiment with different shades until you find the vibe that speaks to you loudest—we’ve got a whole palette waiting!