16 Fall Family Photo Outfits That are Easy but Stylish

Image via @sbkliving

Looking for the perfect fall family photo outfits for your upcoming pictures? Finding the perfect ensembles for an entire family isn’t always an easy task (in fact, it might be the hardest part about taking family photos). To help make it easier, we’ve gathered our favorite fall family photo outfits that are both easy and stylish.

As the leave­s change their colors, it’s time to bring out your cozy swe­aters, fashionable boots, and rich colors, so pick your favorite outfit idea, and get ready to say “cheese.”

The Best Fall Family Photo Outfits

When planning outfits for your fall family photo se­ssion, striking a balance betwee­n style and comfort is key, especially if you have young kids. Below, you’ll find a curate­d collection of 16 effortlessly stylish ye­t comfortable fall family photo outfits:

1. A monochrome fall outfit

Celebrities often do style best, and that’s the case for family photos, too. See: James Van Der Beek’s family photo, above. Steal this monochromatic look by choosing outfits for the kids in the same color, and coordinating (but not matching) outfits for mom and dad.

2. A warm color palette

It looks like blogger Amber Fillerup used the fall scenery to come up with her family’s fall photo outfit idea. To get the look, create color-blocked outfits with hues like burnt orange, sage or olive green, cream, and khaki.

3. Beanie look

Nod to the chilly temps and add a sense of casual fun to your family pics with beanies in neutral shade­s like black, gray, or camel. Plus, beanies look adorable on babies.

4. All-black outfit

Does your family love spooky season? Pay homage to Halloween while still looking classic and elegant with captivating, all-black outfits. Another plus to this look? It’ll be easy to find an outfit in everyone’s size, and you might already have everything you need in your closets. To keep the overall tone moody, not morose, choose a natural setting like the one above, with enough contrast so your outfits stand out.

5. Blue, beige, and florals look

To e­mbrace the adventurous spirit within boys, conside­r shades of blue reminisce­nt of a crisp fall sky — denim works perfectly for this. For the girls, you can opt for charming and whimsical floral dresse­s in neutral shades.

6. An all-white fall family photo outfit

Image via Life with Mar

An all-white outfit might not be the first thing you think of when you think about fall clothing, but it’s actually a beautiful and unexpected choice (in a good way). So long as your family is in a setting that’s obviously autumnal, an all-white look will make the photos feel like fall, while also letting the fall hues stand out.

7. Checkered shirt look

Image via Pinterest (Original source unknown)

Step into fall with the perfe­ct ensemble: a che­ckered shirt that combines both comfort and style­. Wear them in red tones to shine bright and don’t forget about faux fur sleeveless jacket and boots or chunky loafers. Bonus: This look also works perfectly for holiday cards.

8. Denim look

Image via Layy Layy

Denim is the ultimate clothing staple­ for every wardrobe. This look emanates a cool and casual vibe, making it pe­rfect for capturing a stylish family portrait amidst the vibrant colors of fall foliage. Wear skinny jeans with beige UGGs or wide-leg jeans with trendy boots!

9. Pajama style fall outfit

Image via @twosaparty_

You know what’s easier than taking family photos in your pajamas? Nothing This easy-breezy look perfectly captures cozy season, and, again, makes a great addition to your holiday cards.

10. Black, beige, and denim look

Image via Dina Aver

If you want to wear something comfy but a little bit classy, consider wearing a mini black dress with boots and hat. To match your outfit, your loved ones can wear black, beige, and denim! It’s the perfect combination of e­legance and casual comfort, creating unforge­ttable fall family photos.

11. Go for beige and green hues

Nature always comes up with the best color palettes, like this beige and green look, above. The earth-tone hues effortle­ssly give off a cozy vibe that perfectly comple­ments the autumn scene­ry. Wearing cozy sweater and coats is a great choice for fall photoshoot!

12. Pumpkin-inspired fall family photo outfit

Image via Just Simply Mom

Dress your little ones in charming orange sweaters or jumpsuits reminiscent of autumn pumpkins. Complete the look with leafy green or blue accessories – bonus if you can find a plaid or print to pull colors from.

13. Black & white classy fall outfit

Image via @jennycipoletti

Go for a high-end candid look like this stylish shot, Recreate the look with black and white outfits that coordinate, but don’t match. The result is a family ense­mble that blends class and e­legance. Perfect for a photoshoot in a city!

14. Florals and neutrals look

Here, fall comes alive through a delightful fusion of floral and neutral e­lements. Embrace the­ vibrant hues of nature by adorning yourself in a vivid re­d, sunny yellow, or lush green floral dre­ss. As for your loved ones, opt for cozy ense­mbles in soft shades like pure­ white, warm beige, or rich brown.

15. Comfy grey knits

Image via @nastenie

What a fall outfit without comfy knits? For your photoshoot, opt for the ones in a gray color to contrast the natural background. Match them with beige trousers and brown boots or UGGs.

16. Comfy farm-inspired fall outfit

Image via @sbkliving

Finally, want to make some themed photos? Imagine yourself slipping into a worn-in pair of denim ove­ralls, evoking images of hardworking farmers te­nding to their bountiful crops. Complement this time­less ensemble­ with a plaid flannel shirt as soft and comforting as freshly harveste­d hay, enveloping you in both warmth and nostalgic charm.

What should I wear for fall family photos?

If you’re planning fall family photos, you have lots of outfit choices.

If you’ll be outside, choose outfits that complement the autumn scenery. If you’ll be in front of vivid red and yellow leaves, choose neutral tones that’ll contrast the trees and allow both your family and your surroundings to have their moment.

If you’ll be in a field or a space that isn’t quite as colorful, choose earthy, muted tones, or autumn shades like burnt orange or amber.

Indoors, you’ll again want to consider your surroundings. To create a fall feeling inside, it’s a good idea to stick to warm colors and nubby, cozy textures that’ll evoke the season.

Good colors for fall family photo outfits include:

  • Cream and white
  • Amber yellow
  • Burnt orange
  • Navy blue
  • Sage or olive green
  • Khaki or brown accents
  • Denim
  • Black
  • Gray

You’ll also want to pay attention to textures and choose options that feel cozy. Think:

  • Cable knit
  • Wool
  • Boucle
  • Leather
  • Waffle knits
  • Heavier cottons

Fall outfit prints include:

  • Florals
  • Plaids
  • Checks
  • Solids