Cute Women’s Golf Outfits: They do Exist

My husband has been trying to get me to take up golf since our first date in 2009. And while I don’t mind the sport, one thing I always get hung up on is the lack of cute women’s golf outfits out there. As soon as a I pop on a patterned skort I feel like a retiree living in Florida somewhere. (Not that living it up on the golf course in my golden years isn’t goals, I’m just not quite there yet).

To me, a good golf outfit is as essential to the game as a quality set of clubs. If I feel frumpy, I also don’t feel confident. I need a golf outfit that gives me some swagger. Or as much swagger as I can have wearing a polo shirt.

Luckily, over the last 10+ years, I’ve managed to find some cute women’s golf outfits that are now my go-tos for any time I do golf. Props to my husband, here, also, who always sends me DMs on Instagram when the female golfers he follows have cute outfits on.

So pack that awful navy blue, lattice print, knee-length skort away in your Goodwill donation box, and pop on one of the cute gold outfits instead.

Cute Women’s Golf Outfits – My Favorite Ideas

Since different golf courses have different dress codes, I’ve picked a variety of outfit types. Country club outfits will be more formal, while a public course may allow you play in a pair of leggings a performance-style jacket with a collar.

1. A golf jumpsuit

The Puma Women’s golf jumpsuit I own

Yes, golf jumpsuits are a thing! I bought my first one from Puma a few years back, and I’ve seen them more and more since. Golf jumpsuits are just like any other jumpsuit, but they’re made with performance-type fabric and have a collar.

Whenever it’s a little chilly out, I wear a golf jumpsuit instead of golf pants and a top. If it’s really cold, I’ll put an activewear-type jacket over it.

2. A pleated white skort and a performance zip-up

A simple white skirt (or skort!) and a performance zip up is not only easy, but the combination somehow feels more fierce and less frilly than if you were to pair the same skirt with a polo.

3. A pleated white skirt and a sweater

Image via Vineyard Vines

For the fall, I also love the pleated white skirt with a sweater. If you’re playing a club that mandates a collar, just wear a sleeveless polo underneath, or wear a rugby-style sweater.

4. A white golf dress

A cute white dress is a whole outfit in one. I love an all-white look because it feels preppy but still sophisticated and simple,

5. Leggings, a quarter-zip and a visor

If you’re playing on a public course or a spot with a more relaxed dress code, you can get away with leggings and a quarter-zip shirt. AKA, an outfit you probably already own and feel comfortable in. I love this look because it just feels so much more fierce than a traditional golf outfit.

6. A streamlined skirt and a sleeveless top (sweater around shoulders optional)

Image via Vineyard Vines

You can’t go wrong with simplicity. A streamlined golf skirt in a classic color, plus a white sleeveless polo (and perhaps the country club style over the shoulders sweater?) is classic and chic.

7. A monochrome golf outfit idea

Image via @laurengolfs_

If you’re looking for a cute golf outfit that feels sleeker and more modern than the average ensemble, try a monochrome look. All black or all white outfits (or whatever color you prefer, really), will instantly make you look polished.

8. Cute golf shoes

The shoes always get me with golfing. They’re just not it. Except! Lately there have been some fun new women’s golf shoes out there that have been really changing the whole look of golf footwear. I love the Ecco version above.

Where to shop for cute womens golf outfits

The typical activewear retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy can have some basic golf clothes for women, and you’ll find cute basics here and there. But for especially cute golf clothes I like to shop at fashion-first retailers (i.e. brands that sells all kinds of clothes and happen to have a golf line). They just tend to be more fashion-forward.

Classic-style clothing stores and preppy clothing retailers like J. Crew, Tuckernuck, Tory Burch, and Ralph Lauren all have dedicated golf and/or tennis lines (golf and tennis clothes are often interchangeable).