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Country Club Outfits- What to Wear to Look Like a Member

Image via @SarahGTucker

Looking for country club outfits? Whether you’re heading to the club as a new member, you’re a guest at the pool or on the golf course, or you’re attending an event at a country club, you’ll want to be sure you look the part before you leave the house. Not only will an appropriate country club outfit make you feel confident in an exclusive setting, but wearing the right attire is also a requisite at country clubs. Most have dress codes that apply to each area of the club: there’s one for the pool, one for golf and tennis, and one for the clubhouse.

If you’re feeling intimidated, don’t be. Country clubs are no longer a catwalk for the latest in preppy fashion labels: old ladies with cashmere sweater knotted around their shoulders, men in seersucker suits, and children with monogrammed pinafores running about. Most country clubs have a “club-casual” dress code, which lies somewhere on the spectrum between your cocktail attire and your gym clothes. Think: Business casual, but the country club version.

To help you decide what to wear, we’ve rounded up the most important tips for dressing for a country club, plus outfit examples that are appropriate and stylish no matter what club you’re heading to.

Country club outfit ideas for women

These ideas work for various areas in the club. We sourced them from various brands, influencers, and classic style clothing stores known for a preppy, country club-approved aesthetic.

For golf: A golf skirt and a simple polo, or a golf dress

If you’re playing golf, you can’t go wrong with a polo dress, or a fun skirt paired with a classic polo shirt. The scalloped detail on the Vineyard Vines golf skirt, below, adds a stylish touch to an otherwise simple outfit.

Image via Ashley Mayo
Image via Vineyard Vines
Image via Par-adise Club
A golf polo dress from Tuckernuck

For the pool: A caftan-style cover up

If you’re heading to the pool, you’ll need a cover up. While some clubs may allow you to wear throw-on shorts and a tank top, you may feel a bit informal. A caftan-style cover up is chic but casual, and comfortable, too.

Image via @JuliaBerolzheimer
A pool cover up from Tuckernuck

For tennis

A white tennis dress works whether the club requires tennis whites or not. If the club allows you to wear tennis whites to the clubhouse, you can also throw on a simple jacket or light sweater over the dress when you’re done.

One thing to note for tennis-whites clubs, a small amount of color is usually allowed (i.e. the middle dress above), so long as at least 90 percent of your outfit is white.

Not all clubs mandate tennis whites, though, so if you’re headed to one that’s more flexible, feel free to incorporate color into your outfit.

Image via Club & Court
A tennis dress from Tuckernuck

Image via Lily Pulitzer
Image via Club & Court
A white tennis pullover from Tuckernuck

Country club outfits for the clubhouse or an event

There are a few go-to outfit ideas for a country club event, or simply visiting the club house.

A floral midi dress strikes the balance between modest and flirty, and casual and formal. It’s a great option for a country club event or dinner at the clubhouse, no matter where on the property you’re headed. It also works as a pool cover up or for cocktails on the patio.

A matching set feels both modern and timeless, especially in a classic print like gingham or a stripe.

For a polished look, you can’t be a pair of wide leg white pants. They work for women of almost any age, and look chic and stylish with a brightly colored, tucked-in top.

In the off season, many country clubs allow denim, so long as it’s neat, and doesn’t have holes or distressing.

Image via @SamanthaVarvel
Tuckernuck Floral midi dress
Image via Lisa Marie Fernandez
Pants from J Crew
Some clubs allow denim. Image via Kiel James Patrick
A tailored jacket makes any outfit feel more country-club appropriate. Image via @SamanthaVarvel

Country club outfit ideas for men

A men’s golf look from Peter Millar. Just be sure to add a belt.

Country club outfit ideas for men will also be dictated by the club’s dress code, so look there first for details about what’s appropriate.

Men’s country club dress codes tend to be most simple, because most men can get away with wearing their golf outfit to the clubhouse, or to a club event, too.

Mens golf coutfits

  • A tucked-in polo shirt or collared active shirt
  • A belt
  • Tailored chino shorts/pants or performance fabric golf shorts/pants
  • For cold weather or rain, a quarter-zip golf shirt or vest is a must
A country club golf look for men from Vineyard Vines

Stores that have great country club apparel for men include:

Country club outfits for kids

Boys shorts from The Children’s Place

Kids country club outfits are essentially mini-versions of what the adults are wearing.

For boys, this means chino shorts, with a belt and tucked in polo (or zip-up sweater) for golf or the clubhouse. At the pool, swim trunks and a polo are a can’t-go-wrong outfit.

For girls, a tennis skirt and polo shirt work for golf, while t-shirt or shirt dresses are perfect for the clubhouse. At the pool, a bathing suite and dress-style cover-up will work well.

Country club outfits 101 – check the dress code

The first and most important tip for finding a country club outfit is to check the club’s dress code. Some clubs will have it listed right on their website to make it easy for both members and guests to reference.

It’s important to note that the club dress code will depend where at the club you’re going, so be sure to look for specifics. While you might be able to get away with shorts and a polo shirt if you’re playing golf, if you plan to have dinner in the clubhouse afterwards, you may need to change into something more formal.

If you’re a country club member, you can always ask the club for clarification around the proper attire. If you’re a guest of a member, or you’re attending a country club event, you can ask the person who invited you for clarification.

Note, that if the country club is hosting a public event, like a tournament that’s open to the public, or a business expo, the club dress codes don’t typically apply. However, it’s not a bad idea to double check with the event organizer.

What are country club dress codes like?

Most country club dress codes are there to uphold a sense of modesty and formality on the club grounds. Some country clubs are more formal that others. Typically, if you’re going to a more fancy and exclusive county club, you can expect the dress code to be more formal, but most clubs have a “club casual” dress code. Think business casual, but with an off-duty spin.

Dress codes will also be different for men, women, and children.

The dress code will depend on where in the club you are going. Dress codes can even vary between different areas of the club house. In a casual bar area, for example, you may be permitted to wear golf clothes, but in the formal dining room, golf attire may be prohibited.

Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with simple and classic outfit ideas.

Sample county club dress code rules for various areas of the club include:

Country club dress code for golf:

Appropriate attire for men:

  • Golf shirt and long pants or long (Bermuda length) shorts
  • Tucked in collared shirts.
  • Caps worn brim forward
  • Cargo shorts, jeans and tennis and pool attire not allowed

Appropriate attire for women:

  • Golf shirts with or without sleeves and with or without a collar
  • Slacks, golf shorts and skirts, skorts and/or capris.
  • Caps worn brim forward
  • Halter tops, tracksuits, cargo pants, tank tops, denim fabrics are not allowed

Country club dress code for the clubhouse:

Appropriate attire for men:

  • Appropriate pants or shorts (no cargo pants, sweats, or jeans) with a belt. 
  • Tucked in collared shirts.
  • Hats must be removed upon entering the clubhouse
  • Tennis whites or proper golf attire permitted

Appropriate attire for women:

  • Appropriate skirts, pants, shorts or dresses. (no cargo pants, sweats, leggings or jeans)
  • No tank tops or midriff-baring tops.
  • Tennis whites or proper golf attire permitted

For the tennis area of the club, some clubs may specify that tennis whites (All white clothing) must be worn.

For the pool area, there are usually guidelines around wearing a cover up and shows into/out of the pool area, as well as modesty guidelines for swimsuits.

Can you wear jeans for country club casual?

Most country clubs do not allow jeans as part of a country club casual dress code. The exception to this is generally during the “off-season” or the months between October and April, when the clubs are used less frequently and typically relax their rules.

How do you dress like a country club member?

Country club members dress according to the club dress code, so if you’re wondering what to wear, start by looking that up. Otherwise, attire is as varied as you’d find at your office or a local restaurant. Some members push the limits of the dress code, opting for more casual attire, while others maintain and element of formality with their country club outfits.

Gone, however, are the day when country club attire was only seersucker suits, cashmere sweaters and strands of pearls. As most country clubs try to appeal to a younger generation, the club style is not quite as preppy or formal as it was in the past.