My Honest Coach Hayley Loafer Review: Should you Buy Them?

If you’re looking for a Coach Hayley loafer review because you’re searching for a Gucci loafer dupe (or you simply want a versatile black flat), you’re in the right place!

I bought the Coach Hayley loafers from the Coach Factory Outlet earlier this spring (in March 2023), so I’ve had a good chance to wear them and test out their quality, comfort, and versatility with my wardrobe.

Here, I’ll share my thoughts on the overall style, sizing and fit, and more.

Coach Hayley Loafers: The Best Gucci Loafer Dupe

I first found the Coach Hayley Loafers when I was looking for the best Gucci loafer dupes. I knew pretty much as soon as I saw them that they were going to be one of the best options I’d find. They look almost identical to the Gucci Loafers.

There are a few other good Gucci dupes out there, but I bought these for a few reason:

First, they’re real leather, which is something that I was looking for.

They were also a good price, at $119, despite being real leather.

And finally, I liked that even though I was buying a “dupe” the shoes were still made by a reputable brand, so it felt less like a dupe and more like a nice compromise, ha.

Coach Hayley Loafers: Sizing and Fit

One of the things I’m always worried about with loafers is fit, since they can be stiff and need some break-in time. If they’re too small, they end up being unwearable, but if they’re too big, you’ll slip out of them. The right sizing is key.

I’m usually either an 8 or 8.5 depending on the shoe and brand, so I went with an 8.5 to err on the side of a little extra room and it fits perfectly. I also have a wider foot, and they still work great for me and are super comfortable. I’d call these true to size, but if you’re like me and your shoe size varies by half a size, I’d go with the larger size.

Speaking of being super comfortable, I was pleasantly surprised at how amazingly soft these loafers are. I was fully expecting heel blisters for a while, and I was honestly able to wear these shoes right out of the box. They’re like baby butter soft leather.

Coach Hayley Loafers: Style

I can’t say enough about the style of these shoes. They are simple and classic, and you can wear them with all sorts of outfits. I tend to wear mine with either cropped, wide-leg jeans (see above), ankle-length mom-jeans, or leggings.

In warmer weather, they’d also look great with shorts and a simple crewneck sweater in the evening.

I’m not a Coach devotee, so I’m happy that there isn’t any obvious branding on the shoes. If you look closely, you can see that the ends of the horsebit buckle are actually the Coach “C”s, but if you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t notice it. In fact, I didn’t notice if for the first few months I had them.

Hayley Loafer Style Specs:

  • Slip on
  • 1/2″ heel
  • Style No. FG3110

Coach Hayley Loafers: Quality, Construction and Price

At just $109, these shoes are a steal. As I mentioned, the Hayley loafers are made of real leather, that’s super soft, which makes them easy to wear right out of the box. The horsebit is a simple brass buckle, and I love that the brass tone is on the subtle side and not super yellow.

The base of the shoe is made from faux-leather, which makes sense given the lower price point. One thing I’d note about that though, is that these shoes shouldn’t be worn in the rain, or for walking for an extended amount of time. (i.e. if you walk a mile to work everyday, I’d wear a different shoe for the commute). This is because leather and faux-leather soles aren’t waterproof and don’t take a ton of wear like a rubber sole will.

Overall, after owning the Coach Hayley loafer for five months and wearing them probably 15 times, they still look almost new. I think because the leather is so soft, it doesn’t seem to crease a lot in the areas where the shoe flexes, like some other loafers I’ve head.

Hayley Loafer Construction Specs:

  • Leather upper
  • Man-made leather lining and footbed
  • Rubber outsole