18 Classy Christmas Nails Ideas For Festive, Fashionable Fingertips

Looking for classy Christmas nails ideas? Holiday-themed nails finish off your Christmas look. We’ve rounded up 18 festive but understated Christmas nail designs for 2023.

Love an excuse for a festive manicure but aren’t looking to plaster your fingertips with the cast of Rudolph or Santa’s mug? Then you’ve come to the right place.

We’re all for painting your nails to suit the season, and choosing a holiday-themed manicure is a great way to complement your outfits and make your entire look feel more pulled together. The good news is there are lots of options for a Christmas manicure that are classy, not cutesy.

Here, we’ve rounded up 18 of our favorite classy Christmas nail designs.

Classy Christmas Nails Ideas

1. A muted red shade

Image via Amazon

One of my favorite looks this festive season has to be that of a muted red shade. It gives the best balance between festive and subtle styles. Deep cranberry or burgundy tones will make your nails look elegant and chic for a fab Christmas look.

2. Color-blocked green nails

Image via @betinagoldstein

Just envision a color block of bright emerald and dusky forest tones on your nails. It’s the perfect little mini holiday forest right there at your fingertips!

And, thanks to the color-blocking trend, it also gives the standard Christmas manicure a contemporary feel that brings it bang up-to-date.

3. Unicorn nails

If you are looking for a little bit of magic and whim to add to your Christmas nails, then why don’t you try out the unicorn effect (and this is my go-to option, too)? They will bring a mythical touch into the season!

4. Green shimmer

Yes, green is one of the typical Christmas shades, but who said you have to settle with just using the usual solid color for your nail polish? How about giving a little bit more jazz by painting some shimmer on it?

5. Candy frames

Image via @beautique_kent

Looking for a Christmas design that is quite minimalistic and classy? Well, candy cane frames are the best to go with! Think of having some kind of thin red and white stripes curling around your nails just like a little sweet! Yummy!

6. Love-heart nails

Image via @imarninails

Another great idea for those who love classy and festive Christmas nail looks is to try out green love-heart nails. This cute design will make your fingertips cheer the holiday spirit at once! Trust me, @imarninails knows how to make perfect design!

7. Abstract Christmas tree

Image via @gmfnails

You need nothing for this manicure but a metallic green and gold polish and a neutral base. Just draw an abstract Christmas tree on your nails with the use of metallic shades while applying the neutral shade on them. Classy and cool!

8. Red sparkle dust

Image via @iamarninails

If you want to add a touch of class and sparkle to your Christmas manicure, then nothing would be better than red sparkle dust nails. These beauties will make your fingertips glitter like never before for all those holiday parties coming up at you.

9. Holographic nails

Image via @suziemoon626

I adore this design sooo much because, with their mesmerizing shine and iridescent colors, these babies take your manicure game to a whole new level. It’s like having a tiny disco ball on your fingertips (really!). And who wouldn’t want that kind of sparkle during the holiday season?

10. Double french lines

Image via @thehangedit

When it comes to Christmas nails, one look that never fails to impress is the double gold French lines. It’s classy, festive, and oh-so-glamorous.

11. The good and bad Santa

I think that this design is what I want to have this Christmas. It’s simple and classy (but with a fun twist!). The classic French nails get a holiday makeover with Santa’s iconic red and black hats. Plus, it’s not too over the top like some other Christmas nail designs can be.

12. Starry black french nails

Image via @nailitmedia

Who said black is not a festive color for Christmas? Wait till you see these starry French nails in that beautiful, shiny, glossy, and chic black with silver minimalistic stars! It’s like having the night sky at your fingertips!

13. Emerald green chrome matte

Image via @gabbysnailart

I’ve recently found the perfect festive look for my nails – emerald green chrome matte with gorgeous gold accents! It’s Classy Christmas Nails 101, and I simply could not wait to share this fashionable and chic idea with you all!

14. Glitter cuffs

Image via @thegelclubstamford

Glitter cuffs are basically little shining add-ons to nails, adding a touch of an extra edge of glam. And when teamed with a classic black base, it then creates a brilliant contrast, which is definitely going to catch everyone’s eye without any fail at all.

15. Gold french

Glitter, glitter, glitter! Yes, glitter is all bout Christmas. But if you want something more classy and minimalistic, why not try a gold glitter French manicure? I think it’s the perfect blend of sophistication and holiday spirit.

16. Silver contours

Image via @polishedbylolo

These silver lines on nails are like tiny bolts of holiday magic that sparkle and stand out, raising the glam level a notch for any Christmas dress! It is an easy yet classy nail art design idea to make you feel like a true queen in the winter wonderland!

17. Malachite nails

Image via @_random_nails

When I saw this nail design, I already thought about a Christmas tree with the lights sparkling at night. The deep green color of malachite, together with the shiny gold, creates a holiday and classy image that will put you on-trend during festive times.

18. Minimalistic Christmas tree branches

Image via @safinailstudio

Finally, this nude base with minimalistic Christmas tree branches is the epitome of classy holiday nails. The simplicity of the designs, intricate, delicate branches, and minimal gold shimmer cast a spell on your fingertips to make them look holiday-ready in no time. It just feels like there is a mini Christmas tree on each nail – very understated yet so pretty.