7 Classic outfit ideas that never go out of style

There are certain classic outfit ideas that seem to feel fresh, polished, and chic AF no matter how many times we’ve seen them on Instagram (or at Whole Foods or the office or while sipping Chardonnay during happy hour). They make the wearer look like she’s got it all together and probably has a perfectly Marie Kondo’ed underwear drawer with piles of stain-free clothing to choose from.

And I speak for all of us when I say: That’s the kind of woman I want my outfits to portray (even if I do stuff my underwear in a pile at the back of my top drawer).

So how do we dress like the effortlessly polished woman we want to be? It’s actually pretty, well, effortless. Instead of following the latest design trends and constantly shopping for fast-fashion, choose classic, quality, timeless basics that stand the test of time. It’s a simple way to look like you’re into fashion and have killer personal style, even if you feel like you haven’t got a clue when it comes to your wardrobe. As a bonus: stylish basics can be had at almost any price point, whether you’re shopping at stores like H&M or you’ve got a Bloomingdale’s budget.

Here, we’ve rounded up seven classic outfit ideas that never go out of style. Make these the foundation of your wardrobe and we promise, getting dressed in the morning will be a whole heck of a lot easier, whether you’re looking for mom fashion for a day at the park, or a work uniform to wear to the office.

Classic outfit ideas that never go out of style

1. Jeans + an oversized button-down + pumps or loafers

Image via Vici
Via Pinterest, original source unknown

With distressed denim, this effortlessly sexy, not-trying-too-hard look is just right for date night. With dark wash skinny or straight leg jeans, it’s perfect for the office. With wide-leg white jeans and a blue button down, it’s perfect for going to brunch. One classic outfit idea, so many options.

2. A trench coat + skinny pants +ballet flats or mules.

via Damsel in Dior

Stop running errands in your yoga pants. This is your new, polished girl-about-town look. Skinny paints, plus a t-shirt and trench coat is simple, affordable and timeless. Pair it with mules or ballet flats to keep the classic style angle, or add sneakers for a trendier take.

3. A pencil skirt + tucked-in t-shirt.

via Fashionagony

This versatile look is professional, but not stuffy, which makes it appropriate for almost any office dress code. Work at a bank, law-firm, or other company where business attire is required? Toss on a blazer, or layer the t-shirt over a button down. Works every time.

Also – the photo above it from 2015. If that doesn’t prove how timeless this look is, I don’t know what will.

4. White pants + a striped top.

via Etsy

This French Riviera-inspired look has been a staple of chic ladies everywhere since the days of Brigit Bardot.

5. A sheath dress + pumps.

via Hello Fashion

As Duchess Kate proves over and over again in the pages of US Weekly, a simple sheath dress and pumps is an appropriate outfit for almost any occasion, from a work event, to a wedding, to a cocktail party.

6. A blazer + jeans + loafers.

This killer combo, the unofficial uniform of today’s models-off-duty and Diane Keaton in the 1970s, is borrowed-from-boys cool.

7. A sweater + an  oxford shirt.

via Brochu Walker

This classic combo is no less en-vogue than when Cher Horowitz rocked it in the 90s. Go for a tailored, professional look with a fitted blouse and crew-neck sweater, or put a hip twist on the style with a cropped sweater and over-sized shirt.


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