15 Chunky Loafers Outfit Ideas – With Jeans, Dresses & More

Looking for chunky loafers outfit ideas? We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorites, from casual weekend looks, to dressed up office outfits, to summer-season ideas.

Like all things late 90s and early 2000s, chunky loafers are having a major moment in fashion. And we’re here for it.

Stylish yet com­fort­able, a chunky loafer will give both you and your outfit a lift, all while ensuring you have a day filled with absolute comfort. Whether heading to a laid-back brunch or a work function, these versatile shoes effortlessly enhance your style.

If you’ve never worn chunky loafers before or are simply looking for a new way to wear yours, we’re rounded up a bunch of our favorite chunky loafers outfit ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

Chunky Loafers Outfit Ideas – From Leggings and Shirt to Little Black Dress

As noted above, chunky loafers are­ incredibly versatile. The­y can be worn with an extremely wide range­ of outfits, and you’ll be able to pair them up perfectly with eve­ryday glamor—at home and out. Whether it’s going to the office, ­meeting friends for brunch, or attending exorbitant events, they look effortlessly amazing on you.

Here are 15 fab outfits featuring chunky loafe­rs, from pair­ing them with black leggings and a shirt of simplicity to styling them with that little black dress.

1. With a shirt and leggings

Image via @lorrainemariae

Perhaps the easiest chunky loafer outfit is to pair them with a shirt and leggings. For example, you can wear a blue shirt with small white stripes and match it with black leggings and loafers. This comfy outfit is a go-to whether you’re running errands or running to a work meeting.

2. With a knitted sweater and leggings

Image via @natalie.s.t.howard.x

Soak up a soft, milky knitte­d sweater paired with black le­ggings embellished with straps. Slip into your black chunky loafers to finish the look and get a chic, comfy style just perfect for chilly days.

3. With long bouclé coat, mini skirt, and blouse

Image via @magme.hr

Another trendy option is to wear a long gray bouclé coat with black chunky loafers and white socks. To match the outfit, wear a blouse and a mini skirt.

4. With a turtleneck, eco leather shorts, and a jacket

Image via @labauhinia

You can match chunky loafers with a turtleneck, eco-leather shorts, and a jacket to attain a trendy and bold look. This stylish ensemble radiates modern fashion appeal allowing one to spend the night out in style or hang out with friends.

5. With a basic white t-shirt, jeans, and a jacket

Image via @missionstyleuk

Looking for a chunky loafers outfit idea that works for the office? Combine chunky loafers with a classic white t-shirt, jeans, and jacket. 

6. With an elongated knitted cardigan and shirt

Image via @wenyiteong

Pair chunky loafers with an elongated knitted cardigan to achieve a cozy and effortlessly stylish look. Layer it over a shirt for added flair. This outfit is perfect whether you’re enjoying a relaxed day at home or going on coffee dates with friends.

7. With a mini skirt suit

Image via @taylorrchanell

This stylish ensemble effortlessly combines business-appropriate attire with a touch of fashion-forward flare. Choose the ones from preppy brands. It’s PERFECT for work- or study-related occasions, giving both sophistication and trendy charm alike.

8. With a maxi jeans dress

Image via @kerryawalker_

Looking for a boho-inspired look? Put together chunky loafers plus a flowy maxi denim dress. This combo is perfect for adventures in the sun, like summer outings, picnics, or music festivals.

9. With a midi knitted dress

Image via @zeennascloset

Want to effortlessly rock a chic look? Try colorful loafers with a long neutral dress. This outfit is ideal for fall and spring and brings together the perfect mix of comfort and fashion-forward flair.

10. With a sleeveless knitted sweater and eco leather pants

Image via @miles.and.smiles

Not only jeans and skirts, but black leather pants are a go-to for wearing them with chunky loafers. Add a sleeveless knitted sweater with V-neck in a contrasting color to stand up the crowd!

11. With a little black dress

Image via @haileybieber

As Hailey Bieber shows, chunky loafers are a great match to a little black dress. Don’t forget to wear white socks as they’ll make the outfit look PERFECT!

12. With a suit

Image via @shoe_connection

If you’re heading to the office or to the classes, why not wear your chunky shoes with a suit? It’s bold, trendy, and perfect for making a statement.

13. With a beige coat, sweater, and leggings

Image via @mialuckie

For an elegant, neutral look, pick chunky loafers paired with a beige coat, a cozy beige sweater, and black leggings. This is an array that is ideal for colder months and radiates sophistication along with warmth.

14. With a shirt, mini jeans skirt, and colorful tights

Image via @deannacoles_

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should wear your loafers with a colorful plaid shirt, jeans mini skirt, and colorful tights! Such a way you can express your personality and creativity.

15. With a midi coat, cardigan, and midi silk skirt

Image via @msorrig

Em­power your style with a dollop of refinement by matching black chunky loafers with a milky midi coat, cardigan, and silk skirt. This chic ense­mble exudes e­legance, making it the pe­rfect choice for sophisticated gathe­rings or formal occasions. 


What Are Chunky Loafers?

Chunky loafers are play on the classic, low-profile, streamlined loafer. The footwear blends the classic de­sign of loafers with a chunky, sturdy sole. In rece­nt years, they’ve gained popularity as a fashionable statement, adding yet another unique-funky twist to traditional loafers. What sets them apart is the­ir thicker and more robust soles, which not only give the shoe some edge, but give you a little extra height and cushioning and support for your fee­t.

These shoes come in all sorts of designs, materials, and colors, so you can easily find the right pair to match your vibe. Classic leathe­r chunky loafers, suede loafe­rs equipped with thick soles—and others gussied with trendy embellishments like buckles or studs.

Chunky loafers posses­s the remarkable ability to e­ffortlessly elevate­ your outfits into true fashion masterpiece­s. No matter what your style is, jeans or casual tops and bottoms, they exude­ sophistication and trendiness that effortle­ssly enhance any ense­mble.

Can I wear chunky loafers with jeans?

Of course! Chunky loafers and jeans are a great combo, as you can see in our #5 outfit example. The key to wearing chunky loafers with jeans is to choose a cropped or ankle jean that sits above the loafer.