Chanel Sneakers Sizing: How do Chanel Sneakers Fit?

Chanel, a symbol of luxury and elegance, has been a fashion icon for decades. Known for their haute couture, exquisite perfumes, and timeless handbags, Chanel also extends its touch of luxury to footwear. Among their extensive product line, Chanel sneakers have emerged as a coveted item for fashion enthusiasts. These sneakers are not just a fashion statement but a blend of sophistication and comfort. However, the key to truly enjoying these luxury sneakers lies in finding the perfect fit. Sizing is crucial, as it directly impacts comfort and style. This guide is designed to navigate the nuances of Chanel sneaker sizing, ensuring you make an informed choice that marries comfort with the timeless elegance of Chanel.

Understanding Chanel Sneakers Sizing

Chanel sneakers, much like their other products, are crafted with precision and care. However, understanding their sizing can be a bit challenging if you’ve never worn the brand before.

The first thing to know is that Chanel uses French shoe sizing, so you won’t find typical American sizes like 7.5 or 8. Instead, the shoes are sized in numbers starting at 37, and going up to 41 or 42. These numbers may seem familiar, since EU sizing also runs from about 36-42, but French sizing is different. If you know your EU shoe size, your French shoe size will generally be a size bigger than that. So, if your EU shoe size is 38, your French shoe size will be 39.

Chanel Shoe Size Chart

US SizeEU SizeUK SizeFrench Size

Do Chanel Sneakers Run True to Size?

Generally, Chanel sneakers are known to run true to size. According to a user on PurseForum, “The general advice is that [Chanel Sneakers] run true to size, I prefer a half bigger size in sneakers generally..”

At the same time, not all Chanel sneakers are created equal, especially when it comes to sizing. Different models can have slight variations in fit and size. For example, some wearers have reported that certain models run a half size smaller than others. It’s essential to research specific models before making a purchase.

Common Sizing Issues and Solutions

One of the frequent concerns among Chanel sneaker enthusiasts is sizing discrepancies. Some models tend to run small or large, creating a dilemma for online shoppers. For instance, it’s not uncommon to find comments on fashion forums like PurseForum where users share experiences of certain sneakers fitting differently than expected. A common solution to this is to go half a size up or down depending on the model.

For those who find their sneakers running small, going half a size up can provide a more comfortable fit. Conversely, if the sneaker feels too loose, opting for a half size smaller can ensure a snug fit. It’s crucial to note that material can also play a role in how a sneaker fits. Leather, for instance, tends to stretch with wear, so a tighter fit initially might be ideal.


Where Can You Buy Chanel Sneakers?

Chanel sneakers can most easily be purchased at retail stores, including Chanel boutiques, and authorized luxury retailers and high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. Buying directly from Chanel boutiques or authorized retailers ensures authenticity and often provides a more comprehensive customer service experience, including sizing assistance.

Can you buy Chanel Sneakers Online?

For those who prefer online shopping, you can find Chanel sneakers online, to a degree. Chanel doesn’t sell its shoes though its website, or via its retail partners, but you can find secondhand Chanel sneakers online, through websites like The Real Real or Poshmark. If you go this route, we suggest choosing a retailer that authenticates all of its items, like The Real Real.