13 Brands like Aritzia for Sleek, On-Trend Style

Looking for brands like Aritzia? Whether you’re searching for budget-friendly alternatives to the Canadian clothing retailer, or you love the minimalist, sleek Aritzia look and want to broaden your fashion horizons, knowing where to shop for similar styles will only level up your style game.

We’ve rounded up 14 of our favorite stores like Aritzia, from cheaper alternative, to stores that offer similar aesthetics, below. 

What is Artizia?

First, let’s take a look at what makes Aritzia unique. 

The Canadian fashion retailer known for its contemporary and minimalist style. Their clothing combines high-quality fabrics with modern silhouettes, creating a sophisticated and chic aesthetic. Artizia tends to offer neutral clothes, along with a smaller selection of bright hues or trending colors. Most of the clothes are solids, without a lot of pattern or frill. 

Aritzia offers a range of price points, with some items being more affordable while others are at a higher price range. Their target audience is typically fashion-conscious women in their 20s and 30s who appreciate refined designs and quality craftsmanship. Aritzia’s brand mission is to empower women through fashion, offering versatile and timeless pieces that can be effortlessly incorporated into a modern wardrobe. 

The brand has been around since 1984 and has gained a strong following for its consistent delivery of sophisticated and on-trend fashion.

Stores and Brands like Aritzia

1. Club Monaco

Image via Club Monaco

Club Monaco shares a similar aesthetic with Aritzia, in that the clothing is sleek, simple, and largely neutral. Club Monaco’s clothing tends to skew a little more business-casual and formal (think Banana Republic), while Artizia’s offering is more casual and laid back. 

2. Revolve

Image via Revolve

One of the fastest growing e-commerce clothing companies in the nation, Revolve has become highly successful through skillful influencer marketing events and brand coverage through social media. Revolve carries clothing from numerous designer brands, and promote their products under headings such as “date night” and “leather loves”; they monopolize on the allure of the night out and social net worth.

This ahead-of-the-trend brand hosts a wide range of prices, from $100 sustainable denim to $300 blouses for a night on the town.

3. Sezane

Image via Sezane

Sezane is a French fashion brand that designs classic pieces with feminine flair. The clothing silhouettes tend to be a bit more feminine and classic, and the details more timeless than what you’ll find at Artizia. Sezane price points are slightly higher than Aritzia’s.


Image via Oak & Fort

OAK & FORT is a smaller brand than Artizia, with boutique-like stores in major cities as well as an ecommerce website. OAK & FORT’s signature aesthetic is minimalist in color and pattern, but unique in silhouette. You’ll commonly find pieces that play with proportions, like wide-leg pants or ballooning dresses.

5. & Other Stories

High quality pieces, neutral colors and sustainably sourced materials are what make & Other Stories one of the most popular fashion retailers of the moment.

Part of the H&M Group, & Other Stories was founded in 2013 with a strict focus on quality of product and environmental consciousness. With studios in Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles, & Other Stories strives for attention to detail in every product and it certainly shows in the quality of work. Dresses and blouses average at about $100 per piece, and with many of these products being made out of fully recycled materials this price is easy to justify. With perfectly paired jewelry and accessories for every occasion, & Other Stories is a high-end women’s brand that’s good for your closet and for the planet.

6. Mango

Image via Mango

Another brand like Aritzia, Mango is a highly successful and multinational fashion retailer based in Spain, producing clothes and accessories for men, women and children. Unlike Aritzia, thought, Mango is more of a fast-fashion model, with prices averaging $27-$61.

In addition to their chic styles, Mango offers a sustainable collection called “Committed Collection”. This is part of an initiative to lower environmental impact, and features clothes produced with recycled cotton; not only comfortable, but good for the planet.

7. Zara

Image via Zara

Zara is the well-known Spanish brand dedicated to bringing trends to the masses around the globe. Because Zara is such a large brand, its aesthetic is much broader than Artizia. You’ll find styles that overlap with Artizia’s muted, modern vibe, but you’ll also find bright colors, patterns, classic clothes, and more there, too. Price points for Zara also also cheaper, making it a budget-friendly alterative to Aritzia.

8. Vici

Image via Vici

Vici is an online women’s boutique started in 2012, that’s gained popularity recently thanks to Instagram influencers. The brand is made by women, for women, and it appeals to those looking for on-trend clothing . Vici has a great media presence, partnering with influencers to show off their everyday staples and statement pieces. With an impressive sale always going on, and new styles constantly being added to their website, Vici is the go-to brand for the working woman who wants to make sure she never goes out of style.

9. Urban Outfitters

Image via Urban Outfitters

If you’re looking for color and pattern to balance out your Artizia neutrals, try UO. Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle and fashion retailer with an emphasis on hip styles, cultural wellness and creativity. Founded in Pennsylvania in 1970, it has since expanded worldwide and operates under many different brands, such as Free People and Anthropologie.

Urban Outfitters is definitely more eclectic than Artizia, with clothing full of color and pattern. However, both brands feature trendy silhouettes and a similar target market.

10. Reformation

Reformation is another brand that is all about sustainability, as well as luxury in construction and quality.

Despite well-made and designed with eco-friendly materials, Reformation’s clothing is surprisingly budget-friendly, with tops averaging at $70 and dresses at about $250. For community-friendly, eco-friendly, upper-scale fashion you can’t do better than Reformation.

11. ASOS

ASOS is the place to shop for any twenty- or thirty-something with a passion for fashion and a desire to be ahead of the trend.

ASOS is similar to Aritzia in that it sells both its own in-house label, as well as a range of other fashion brands that share a trending, youthful look. ASOS also highlights celebrity partnerships, and also works closely with social media influencers, making itself a relatable brand you can trust. You’ll find big brands like Adidas and The North Face in its collections, so no need to worry about falling off today’s trends when you shop at Asos. Asos is also one of the official retailers of Topshop’s clothing, along with Nordstrom.

12. H&M

H&M is another one of the fast fashion brands like Aritzia. The worldwide retailer of clothing for men, women, and kids specializes in both the latest trends, as well as basics at a budget-friendly price point. It’s a go-to spot if you’re looking for the newest styles at an affordable price, or inexpensive staples like t-shirts and base-layer tank tops.

And, despite being on the cheaper side, H&M has been making an effort to be more sustainable, with its Conscious program, which produces clothing made from recycled, organic, or renewable materials. Finally, it’s everywhere. You’ll find H&M at almost any mall in America, but the store also has a popular website.

13. Everlane

Sustainable styles, minimalistic designs and brand-free clothing are what define Everlane. The brand chooses to renounce trends, and instead make fashion to be kept and reworn for years, echoing the age-old adage of “quality over quantity” … the ultimate quiet luxury principle.

Like Artizia, you’ll find lots of neutrals and minimalist silhouettes at Everlane.

Is Aritzia a High-End Brand?

Artizia isn’t a high-end brand, but it’s also not a low-end brand, either. It sits somewhere in the middle, comparable to contemporary lines like Sezane and Everlane. Artizia calls its sweet spot ‘everyday luxury,‘ so pieces that feel high quality and look high-end, but that won’t break the bank, either.